Which booth should you choose to promote your brand?

Before purchasing a trade show booth, consider the needs of your target audience. You will also need to plan so that your goals can be achieved. The advantage of the brackets is that they are available in different sizes and designs. There are those that fit into limited spaces and others that stay in a room.

Marketing materials should make your display attractive and draw attention to your brand and products. Once merged into the mass of competition, your booth must be unique to reach visitors because at trade shows, professional events or other communication campaigns, many promotional banners are in sight. An attractive trade fair booth promotes brand awareness as well as sales.

TOR - UBERA - Curved advertising umbrella stand: visibility guaranteed!

To achieve your goal, a beautiful structure and good design will do wonders for the booth. For easy identification during exhibitions, a clear and visible name, a logo would be an asset. If you want to have a lasting influence and a powerful first influence, the trade show booth is a great alternative as it can create that impact while changing the atmosphere of the whole event.

Always try to woo your customers by showing off with an umbrella stand at major events. You will easily make yourself known to the general public with this advertising accessory. Of course, people are, by nature, always tempted to contemplate an authentic thing like this sublime umbrella stand.

Regardless of the location of the exhibition, when visitors attend a professional event or other professional event, they are evaluating the different media, products and services but also interacting with the personnel of the company. This is an opportunity for them to get to know each other on your stand, with employees and to learn about the policies and objectives of the company. If your marketing material is not well constructed, it will surely destroy the mood of your customers. They might not care about you, just because your booth doesn't have a beautiful design. So if you want to boost your visibility to outperform your competition, now you know what to use.

Entrust Magic-print with the realization of your exhibition stand

Currently, many companies manufacture and sell umbrella fair stands. They have their own website where they post the characteristics of their media as well as the cost. Costs vary depending on the materials used. You can easily choose your communication tool on the Internet.

The list goes on for companies that design outlets. But to enhance your brand image, Magic-print is the outstanding designer you need for the design of your trade show booth. We are the only ones able to offer you a better quality / price ratio on this product. To satisfy you, our Umbrella or Pop-up Stand is very light and durable so it won't complicate your tasks when you are on the go. Regarding the size of this stand, the height is 2.26 meters and two widths to choose from, 2.26 and 3 meters. In addition, there are many advantages of this TOR - UBERA - Curved umbrella stand, such as:

  • The pop-up type system is locked with clips;
  • The fabric is attached to the backing with a velcro strip;
  • Excellent print quality of the stand;
  • Polyester fabric, washable and flame retardant
  • Easy mounting of the bracket

In addition, as an option, you have the choice between opting for a transport bag with or without wheels on the one hand, and two halogen lamps on the other hand. So look no further, because we are here to make your wishes come true and offer you a quality stand.

Magicprint is also renowned for its expertise in stand printing. The high-end visual rendering on the trade fair stand helps exhibitors to improve their position in the market.

Order your umbrella stand

Exposure is one of the most effective ways to sell your business and attract potential customers. It's an unusual event that boosts your brand awareness without spending a fortune. In order to promote exhibitions, trade fair stands allow you to meet your needs.

Besides ordering umbrella or pop-up stands, you can also find and purchase modular trade fair stands on the Magicprint website. These are attractive and motivating display products that guarantee the sustainability of your communication.

Luxury stand TOR - UBERA - Curve

Pop-up stand, printed on a polyester fabric.

The fabric is polyester 205 grs / m2; washable and fireproof.

Velcro is sewn around the visual.

The structure is light and durable. The fabric is perfectly stretched and puts the graphics in value.

Possibility of recto print.

A straight version exists.

The advantages of this stand:

• The pop-up system is locked with clips.

• The fabric is secured with a velcro strip

• The construction is light and stable

• Excellent print quality

The set includes: complete system, printed fabric and transport bag with wheels.

Optional :

- Transport bag with wheels

- 2 halogen lamps

Stand height: 2.26 meters

Two widths: 2.26 and 3 meters

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