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Cardboard and Paper Supporter Items

In the world of event marketing and brand promotion, every detail counts to generate engagement and create a memorable experience. Cardboard and paper supporter items are versatile and effective tools for rallying crowds, making noise and spreading messages with panache. Whether in crowded stadiums, during vibrant demonstrations or during festive events, these accessories offer exceptional visibility while livening up the atmosphere with dynamism.

Banner, Fan and Custom Applause Tap Tap

The fan, the banner and the personalized applause tap tap embody the very essence of the fervor of the supporters. Made from sturdy 220 grs/m2 cardboard, these items provide a solid base for four-color printing on both sides. Equipped with cut-out handles, they are designed for easy handling and optimal visibility. Versatile, they can be used as banners displayed in the stands, tap taps to encourage teams or fans to cool the atmosphere in periods of intense heat.

Available in two sizes, 285mm x 685mm and 240mm x 680mm, these items are suitable for all occasions. In addition, with a minimum quantity of only 100 units, they are accessible to small and large organizations wishing to make an impact.

Wood/Fabric Fan and Eco Cardboard/Fabric Fan

For a touch of elegance and durability, our wood/fabric and eco cardboard/fabric fans offer a refined solution. Printed on polyester fabric with four-color printing on one side, they combine image quality and resistance to use. The holding parts made of wood or recycled cardboard guarantee a comfortable grip while reaffirming your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Available in different sizes, from SMALL to LARGE, these fans are suitable for all requirements. Individually packaged in cardboard boxes, they are ready to be distributed during your events, thus reinforcing the visibility of your brand.

Personalized Shaped and Foldable Fan

For ultimate customization, opt for our personalized shaped and foldable fans. Printed on high quality cardstock with four-color printing on both sides, they provide maximum visibility for your brand. Thanks to their innovative foldable design, they are convenient to transport and distribute during your events.

Available in different shapes and sizes, with a minimum quantity of 100 units, these bespoke fans are perfect for targeted promotional campaigns and large-scale events.

Giant Supporter Hand and Personalized Trumpets

For a remarkable presence in the stands, nothing beats our giant supporter hands and personalized trumpets. Printed in full color on high quality paper, these giant hands are available in different sizes and shapes, providing maximum visibility for your message.


Personalized trumpets, on the other hand, add a touch of enthusiasm and noise to your events. Printed in full four-color process on 200 g coated paper, they are delivered mounted with a whistle, ready to be used to encourage your team or liven up your gatherings.

Cardboard and paper supporter items offer a versatile and effective solution to promote your brand and liven up your events. With a diverse range of personalization options, sizes and materials, they adapt to all requirements and guarantee maximum visibility for your message. So, don't wait any longer, make some noise and make an impression with Magic-print's high-end supporter items.