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An urban advertisement with a paper advertising poster

Every company aims to increase its turnover as much as possible. In order to achieve economic profitability, it is essential to sell products by attracting more and more customers, this therefore implies opting for the use of effective channels to convey messages to consumers. Thus, highlight your brand as well as your products by using advertising posters and personalized posters. These are adequate means of communication to target your potential customers, and without discrimination towards your buyers. Whether in public places, or in closed areas, the use of posters and posters is always suitable for any location.

Effective and practical support

Just like the message to be inserted, the design of an advertising poster is also important. Remember to carefully consider the placement of your ad. Do you plan to use images on your medium? So, make it extraordinary and readable. For example, your store can stick advertising posters on street furniture or billboards.

The key element to attract passers-by is also to present your event on colorful media that will not detract from the overall design.

Printing of advertising posters.

Renowned for its know-how in large format printing, our company and its team of professionals guarantee high-definition printing quality. Communication media such as advertising posters represent your image so for better visibility, it is advisable to choose the ideal printer.

Personalized posters, whether huge or small, are real signage with excellent value for money. To decorate the interior and exterior of your retail space, these are the perfect advertising media to dazzle the space.

Here are some types of advertising posters:

- The digital poster and advertising poster in large format. Manufactured with 120 to 200 gsm paper. Four-color printing.

- The A5 format scratch-off flyer, in 170 g/m² paper and personalization in four-color printing on both sides.

- The A6 format scratch-off flyer, in 170 g/m² paper and personalization in four-color front/back.

- The micro-suction cup (without glue), electrostatic. Without bubbles or adhesive. Easy to stick. No special installation precautions. The back is washable with water. Perfect for indoors. Respects the environment since it does not contain PVC.

- 2mm PVC panels, printed in quadri. Possible shape cutting. Comes with suction cups.

The interests of advertising posters

To facilitate the identification of your name, the choice of the best location for your advertising posters is necessary. In a crowded place such as a bus shelter, a shopping center, a supermarket, a station, a metro/train, on the windows of your store for small posters.

The advantages of outdoor signage are above all marked by its high visibility. The giant posters will be visible from afar and will be able to reach many potential shoppers. If the visual is of superior quality, a personalized advertising poster in view of the public will be considered an effective means of communication as well as a mass medium. Therefore, to attract the attention of passers-by in an industry where advertising messages are in huge quantity, it is necessary to opt for a stunning and above all convincing means in order to attract customers to your products.

Advertising posters placed indoors such as in a shopping center, a supermarket, etc. are advantageous since places are frequented by specific targets. So it is valuable to take advantage of this opportunity to display your advertising message in these places. The advantage of these signs in a popular place is that they will promote your products or services in a relevant place.

Finally, for posters to be profitable, your messages must be clear and visible.

Who to ask for help?

Consulting a subject matter expert in large format poster design is highly recommended. Hence, talk to an expert in making your own. You have the possibility to choose between a digital poster and micro-suction cup without glue or electrostatic, wide choices are available to you. Rest assured, all advertising posters from Magic-print are guaranteed resistant.

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