Why show yourself small when you can be seen in awe-inspiring fashion with a personalized fabric sticker?


Be sparkling and wow your audience by displaying yourself on a personalized large format advertising sticker. From now on, you can put your brand and image on any medium with a large surface, whether on the floor, on walls or on glass, you cannot find anything better to enhance your visibility.


Where to get this personalized large format advertising stickers?


It is now possible to design large format personalized advertising stickers of better quality and that the image that appears above is in High Definition. With that, all you have to do is ask for the help of an expert, so trust Magic-print with the design of your personalized large format advertising stickers. At Magic-print, you have a large choice of large-format advertising stickers, as each one has its own style. These stickers are made from vinyl monomer or vinyl polymer, and there are types of lamination, you have the choice between Gloss or Mat, non-slip lamination for floors, anti-graffiti laminating and velleda laminating which is dry erasable.


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Advertising large format foil


Monomer vinyl, polymer vinyl, transparent, repositionable, microperforated, for floor, backlite (for light box), Electrostatic.


Glossy, matte, anti-slip lamination (for floor), anti-graffiti lamination, velleda lamination (dry-erase)

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