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The paper cup is an alternative to disposable plastic. Communicating a business with a personalized paper cup is an affordable option. Using such high quality glass is an effective way to create brand recognition, especially if your customers use them outside of your business premises. In addition to the good quality cardboard, the cups are also ideal for hot and cold drinks. It is also a 100% recyclable and reusable material.

Whether in the evenings with friends or family, during festive events, opt for the use of paper cups. So no more glasses that break quickly as soon as it falls into your hands, paper cups make your job easier and are really very practical.

Respect the environment by opting for personalized cups

Today, the natural world is degrading. The various organizations are calling on everyone to take action to protect the planet. This is why our company offers personalized cardboard cups in its product range. The latter will have no environmental impact since it is a biodegradable material. These personalized glasses are unbreakable promotional items that fit well in parties: birthdays, baptisms and even for wedding cocktails or take-out sales.

In addition, with the use of a personalized paper cup you will be judged as responsible and ecological. Our recyclable cups hold up well to hot drinks as well as cold drinks.

Which advertising medium to choose?

Currently, a personalized paper cup is the glass model that is simple, ecological and trendy. Cups are now part of a company's communication. It's no longer just a coffee cup, but it's a formidable marketing product that a company can use during a meeting, an open house and even to give as a year-end gift for the customers, employees, colleagues.

On our site, we offer single or double wall cups. There are different sizes available ranging from 115ml to up to 450ml. You should also know that personalization is done by four-color printing. You will also have the choice of color for the lid of your cup. Our technologies and materials comply with the strictest European regulations, and are safe for use with food.

The advantages of personalized paper cups

The use of personalized paper cups contributes to the protection of the environment since the manufacturing materials are fully degradable and do not pollute. Even after use, paper cups can immediately be recycled. Personalized paper cups are very effective ways to embed your brand in parties, you will be immediately noticed, which will be an advantage for you since you will surely achieve your goal of targeting potential customers during your marketing campaigns. . Cardboard glasses are original communication media at a low price.

Buy personalized paper cups

Visit and place your order online on the Magic-print website for any acquisition of personalized paper cups. Having many years of experience in the design of effective advertising materials, rest assured that you are in good hands with Magic-print. On the market, our company is the only one to offer you personalized paper cups of very good quality but at a lower cost. So don't wait any longer and leave a message on the site for more information on the product you are going to order and so that you can at the same time know the quote for your order (the minimum order quantity for the paper cup is 500 copies). You will be contacted very quickly. The delivery of your order is 2 to 4 weeks depending on the options.