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All companies want to be known by everyone and they always seek to be visible to the widest audience. Stickers, window stickers, labels, pre-cut paper or vinyl letters can be communication elements that can be stuck on all types of indoor or outdoor media in order to advertise and promote a brand or simply to convey a message.

This type of advertising medium conveys your identity through its logo or slogan. Advertising stickers consist of texts and/or images. They have an adhesive layer allowing them to be affixed to several types of surfaces. Perfect for decorating your foyer, display case, utility, wall, boxes, stand or even your car, they can be cut to fit any smooth surface.

What are the interests of an advertising sticker?

The cost-effectiveness-quality ratio: compared to other communication media, an advertising sticker is relatively inexpensive and has no impact on the commercial budget. Although it is not the most conventional promotional item, it is very effective in promoting an image. As this medium is in the crosshairs of customers, sticker advertising is a more direct and inexpensive way to promote a business. With proper use, adhesive stickers can evoke its power. Inexpensive but often perceived as a promotional gift.

Currently, people are very perceptive of advertising content. A well-designed personalized sticker can reach a wider audience. These products are methods to generate word of mouth marketing.

Choose an advertising sticker: relevant communication medium

Personalized-stickers-advertising-stickers remain a medium that has many advantages. They can be favored over other types of posters because they last much longer. Advertising stickers remain a communication tool that is an integral part of street marketing. Very easy to apply and immediately catch the eye, stickers allow you to immediately identify a product or brand and are very useful for communicating a specific message. The personalized stickers advertising stickers can be applied on any support, its stickers attract the eye and are a perfect way to highlight your sign. Can also be used as a decorative tool on your everyday objects. Customizable stickers will be the ideal choice to bring you luck on a daily basis.

Work with Magic-print to print your advertising stickers

For excellent visual communication, collaborate with experts. Our years of experience, our state-of-the-art printers and our good quality inks, successful printing guarantees the visibility of your identity. At Magicprint, you can choose the format, finish and color of advertising stickers that suit your needs. Contact Magic-print to place your order.