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Create fun stuff for your potential customers to motivate them about their everyday problems and the stress they live in constantly. Discover boards of personalized stickers, very adapted in order to bring of ray of sun near your consumers, you thus illuminate their day. Sharing joy builds strong bonds between you and your customers. In addition, the use of personalized sticker sheets contributes enormously to strengthening your image, therefore a better way to advertise.


At work we know the worker


Magic-print is the expert you need in the design of your personalized sticker sheets. Whether funny stickers or stickers revealing your brand, Magic-print is the only one who can create personalized sticker sheets to meet your expectations. In addition, stickers in monomer or polymer with a white, matt or shiny background or with transparent background are available, and you can also choose the form of cutout. So trust Magic-print to make your wishes come true.


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Sticker boards


Sticker boards

Monomer ans polymer stickers with white or transparency background, matte or glossy

Permanent and non-permanent glue

Thickness 100 microns

Full-color process printing inks for indoor / outdoor

Cutting shape: rectangle or chosen shape

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