Keep your ice cream cool with a paper cup

Are you making ice cream and concerned about the current environment? Consider buying paper cups for ice cream. These cups are made from recycled materials and therefore do not contain plastic. This product is created so that your desserts are always fresh. We all know that ice cream melts! This is why it is necessary to order the paper cup for ice cream from Magic-print. This makes it easy to carry the product and therefore secures it.

A tub of ice cream for an advertisement

On our website, you can discover several models of quality cups suitable for all types of food products. In summer, ice cream is the most popular product. For manufacturers, this is the perfect opportunity to make their company known and even to compose new perfumes.

The paper cups available on are created from disposable and biodegradable cardboard. This glass model is also an environmentally friendly advertising medium.

For professionals, differentiate yourself with a paper cup for ice cream. Make your customers feel like royalty with a tasty product arranged in a personalized jar. The best way to optimize your sales is to use an effective marketing technique. During your participation in fairs or other events, you can offer your customers additional products so that your brand circulates in various places.

Apart from ice cream, you can use a paper cup to put yoghurt, ice cream or other food products.

Order the paper cup for ice cream from Magicprint

When it comes to choosing a paper cup for ice cream, you will have to consider the capacity. We have 115 ml, 180 ml and 220 ml cups in our stock. To provide more visual impact, our cups are printed in four colors. These packaging comply with the strictest European regulations and are safe for use with food. The pot is made of 340 grs/m² cardboard with a very resistant wall.

To receive your ice cream cup, call or message us directly. We provide you with the necessary information such as prices, delivery time. We also have other styles of cups and bowls on our platform, perfect for drinks (coffee, juice, ...), soups, fried foods.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

The gourmet gift box to show off your affection

The distribution of a gourmet box is a marketing technique that aims to amplify the notoriety of your brand or company. It is a technique very popular with the majority of companies in their marketing activities.

How to recognize an appetizing gourmet box? Gourmet foods are treated in a very delicate way to excite your taste buds. Here are a few examples of the foods in the gourmet basket from Magicprint: wine, terrines, beer, honey, jam… These are able to please your taste. Currently, almost everyone takes food seriously. You will also find on the Magicprint website, the basket for your daily hygiene including: towel, body milk, soap, bath and shower.

You can also select a gourmet box for celebrations. During the feast of lovers, show your love to your partner by offering him, for example, “sweet treats”. Or for Christmas, offer your loved ones a "festive aperitif" to create a good atmosphere.

Ordering a gourmet gift box for the holidays and at every party is fun and fun. In the end, what could be better than enjoying a tasty meal instead of strolling aimlessly! You don't need culinary skills to impress your guests. You just need to contact Magicprint for a gourmet box.

A cheap 100% French gourmet basket for all occasions

Gourmet food baskets make sublime gifts not only for special occasions, but also for all other occasions in the life of the company. The offer of inexpensive gourmet baskets is extensive and diversified that it should be offered as a present time and time again, whether it concerns birthdays, holiday souvenirs, corporate gifts, wellness gifts or even a thank you gift.

Here are the reasons why you should gift a cheap food basket from Magicprint. You can find a variety of gourmet baskets at reasonable prices. When you shop on the internet, you will discover on the Magicprint site a wide range of 100% French gourmet baskets: the festive aperitif, the well-being basket, the magic of the great east, the sweet treats, the irresistible , the gourmet setting, the getaway, the discovery plateau of Lorraine, the gourmet journey. Companies are trying to get foodie packages as an alternative to a quirky gift. First of all, you can acquire such a box and win over a client or potential clients. Then you can use the inexpensive box as a thank you gift for customers. It could be the beginning of a lasting bond. You can also order these baskets for your business. You can include them among your promotional tools during trade fairs and exhibitions. A largely reasonable price for promoting a business is offered by Magicprint.

No matter which box you choose, the inexpensive gourmet basket is a great idea. Various products are placed in each basket. It’s a gift that concerns almost everyone.

Contact Magicprint for your gourmet package

So, if you are looking for a better present or if you just want to taste beautiful things, the gourmet package is sure to get you excited. For controlling ? Visit the Magicprint website, choose the product you think is appropriate and send a request for a quote. You will receive an answer as soon as possible.