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A personalized notebook: the product for all occasions

For small or large occasions, choose a practical and useful gift that you can make unique according to your needs. No matter what event you are hosting, our personalized notebooks are versatile and can be used for many purposes. Notebooks are also great gifts for friends, families, co-workers, clients. Not only are they great gifts to give, but they are also excellent promotional tools.

So, if you want to promote your business, consider a communication object in your image such as the personalized notebook.

The personalized notebook, a real office assistant

A personalized notepad is an inevitable personalized product that always comes to the office, it allows you to note an appointment, to take notes from a meeting, it can also be used as a reminder. Give each of your co-workers a personalized notebook as a business gift, this lovely notebook will become a true all-day companion.

During a marketing operation to highlight your brand image, a personalized advertising notebook is one of the communication objects to take advantage of. This product is useful, durable and made with good quality material.

Choosing a notebook to advertise will allow you to make yourself unique to the target audience. It is a practical support with pages that allows you to include text, images, photos and other elements. You can select any size, color for your notebook.

Magicprint's personalized notebook templates

On the magicprint e-commerce site, there is a wide choice of personalized notebooks that adapt to your needs.

- The Aristote notebook personalized outside and inside, the cover of the notebook is rigid, in coated paper, 4-color printing, matte or glossy finish. The pages are in ivory paper 70 grs/m², 112 pages. Accessorized with pen holder, elastic band and ribbon. A multitude of sizes are available.

- The Bergson customizable outdoor notebook with a soft cover, made of Evrest PU material, Singer Sewing. The inside pages are in ivory paper 70 grs/m², 40 single sheets.

- The Descartes notebook customizable inside and out. Soft double regular PU cover. The pages in ivory paper 70 grs/m², 112 ruled pages, colored edges. Accessories, double ribbon, metallic ribbon charm.

To learn more about our personalized notebooks, do not hesitate to browse our site. We offer different high quality marking techniques.

Order your personalized notebook on a trusted site

For the personalization of your notepad or personalized notebook, choose a professional. Our years of experience and the competence of our team are at your disposal to realize your dream notebooks.