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    Plastic cards come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. At Magicprint, they are made of high quality PVC. Loyalty cards, business cards, student cards, membership cards, Association cards, ... our personalized plastic card can be used for all situations. Not only is it a great professional product, but it is also durable.

    When it comes to marketing, a map can help your business track your campaign and ensure the message reaches your customers. Also, a unique style of a PVC card will increase brand recognition.

    A plastic card: a great way to advertise

    A card offers several advantages to a company. It is the best product for communication. It presents your logo, your contact details, your messages. A personalized plastic card can also help you create a positive impression with the consumer. In addition to its durability, a card is more discreet, but provides visibility to a business.

    With its high-end practicality and aesthetics, a card is a better investment for any business. This product may be used for marketing purposes. It can be used for promotions, prize giveaways and more. At Magicprint you can order a printed card with variable data, barcodes and variable text. All this means that you can easily make your company's promotional materials original without worrying about the cost.

    Here are examples of plastic cards available: magnetic stripe card and RFID card, card with colored edges, card with thermochrome effect, card with fluorescent print, card with ultraviolet print, card with hot stamping , the card with metallic marking, the card with antibacterial surface, the card with swelling varnish, the food contact card. Regarding the personalization option of these cards, trust our know-how.

    A professional service to create a PVC card

    Are you looking to cooperate with a professional to support you in the realization of your project? You are in the right direction. Our professional team can offer you several solutions in terms of communication support. Among its thousands of suggestions are displayed the personalized plastic card which is a good quality product and which can represent the color of your association or your company without concern.

    To create your card, first discover the model that meets your needs on the online sales site Proceed to request a quote once you have made your choice. Before the production of your order, it is necessary to send us your logo so that we can make a model. Our products will be provided within the agreed delivery time (this time is counted from the day of the validation of the proof).

  • Dare to be different with a plastic card

    In this world where technological developments are very advanced, a company must have an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, the use of a plastic card is ideal for satisfying customers while distinguishing yourself from the competition. Such a card can be used as a bank card, business card, vital card, loyalty card, etc.

    The plastic card: an opportunity for all businesses to seize

    For banks, this type of card is perfect when it expires. For what ? Since it is made from durable material and leaves harmless material. Here's what you need to know about our plastic card.

    The PET-G card is an extremely durable and resistant card. It can receive the same finishes and effects as on a PVC material. It does not contain toxic phthalates or chlorine. The paper card is made of cardboard, double-sided coated, ISO format. Several additional options are possible for this card, such as personalization, magnetic stripe, hot stamping, effect varnish, cold stamping. L

    To find out more about our cards, visit our website. Our cards are versatile and adapt to all types of needs.

    Where to print plastic cards?

    Thanks to our team's years of experience, our state-of-the-art machines and our superior quality inks, your cards will obtain an original image. To meet your expectations, the plastic card will highlight the color of your company and provide excellent visibility. Therefore, if your business is considering manufacturing a perfect advertising medium, Call Magicprint. Our products are 100% customizable and the manufacturing time depends on the quantity of your order.

  • The gift card: a card for the effigy of your brand

    Are you looking for a product that can be an effective vector of communication? We have the gift card packaging that enhances your business. This product is perfect for banks, supermarkets, restaurants... To protect the card, you can put it in a box.

    A gift card can be a useful tool for many entities. It is a valuable marketing tool that can be used for any purpose. So this kind of support can be a great way to increase your sales and improve the quality of your service.

    You can wrap a multi-brand gift card to delight recipients. The latter can consult the available balance and take advantage of the maximum amount while securing the card in an attractive packaging until the last valid day.

    A support that enhances your identity

    The first impression is very important when it comes to attracting leads, increasing sales or retaining customers. Currently, the gift card is a very popular item for Christmas and for a birthday. Putting these cards in a small package is even better.

    On our online sales site, the gift card envelope highlights the card while securing it and being chic and exceptional. Our wide choice of gift card packaging makes your offers more interesting and attractive.

    Using such a product for a business purpose provides your store with a variety of benefits:

    - It is an additional product in your shop

    - The card allows your products and/or services to be known to prospects

    - It's a real gift to offer simple and fast

    - The card successfully represents the brand image of your company

    For Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, birth, birthdays, ... the card can be used at any time of the year and to please your friends, loved ones, business partners.

    Browse our website and purchase your gift card online

    Magicprint, France's leader in online printing, provides its customers with a wide range of gift card packaging available: gift box, cardboard with inserted card, cardboard with envelope, gift packaging, envelope with inserted card, envelope with pocket for card. Before buying, take the time to choose the product and complete the contact form to request a quote. Click the product you are interested in and indicate the quantity, the delivery date you want. Our team will send you a quote as soon as possible. Magicprint is your partner in the creation of promotional items.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 23 items

Identify yourself with Magicprint's advertising plastic card

A plastic card is possible to advertise a company, an association or a team. It can set you apart from the competition. It can also help you project a professional image for your business. The strength and durability of the material allows this product to be handled repeatedly.

Currently, advertising processes are surrounded by many accomplices. Our advertising plastic card is one of the perfect accomplices to achieve a number of commercial objectives.

The plastic card: an effective communication medium

This card template is an impactful and useful advertising product. Whether it is to make a loyalty card for a member, to make a business card, this is the inevitable component. An advertising plastic card is specified as striking with its visual and practical with the printing options offered. The map is a tool that really fits into a sustainable advertising campaign. And for you to achieve your goal, it is necessary to opt for the plastic card.

When it comes to card templates, there are plenty at Magicprint. But we only show you a few examples here:

- The magnetic stripe card and RFID card: Magnetic stripe card with HiCo and LoCo track. They are available in black, silver and gold.

- The PVC card: PVC can be processed up to 8 times without any loss of material quality.

- The food contact card: available in two thicknesses 0.76 and 0.44 mm. The card format is very convenient to use on displays. They are harmless for food contact. What also characterizes this card are its easy cleaning, its resistance to cold and humidity. These cards meet the requirements of the food industry.

- The card with envelope: it is generally with a euro hole, with a window for a bar code, with personalization. The envelope adapts to each size of carton.

Personalization of the advertising plastic card

The advertising plastic card in opaque or white color is printed in an original way to make your customers' card more unique. The method of printing an advertising medium generates added value à la Carte.

Personalizing the card with the name of each employee allows companies to represent each of them. These products are also well suited to a university, school or association.

To create your PVC card, browse our online sales site. Short delivery and printing time and fast delivery service sets us apart from other suppliers. To receive information, contact our team.