Capture the Attention of Your Customers with a Metallic Marking Card: The Chic Asset of your Communication

Are you looking for an original and impactful way to stand out to your customers and partners? Discover the personalized card with metallic marking, an innovative solution that combines elegance and professionalism to boost your communication. At Magic-Print, a specialist in personalized advertising printing with more than 15 years of experience, we offer you high quality products that will make the difference.

An Unparalleled Visual Impact

Metallic branding on cards isn't just a trend; it is a revolution in the field of visual communication. This technique, the result of cold stamping combined with precision offset printing, gives your support a very beautiful metallic effect. Imagine the delicate reflection of a metallic sheet catching the light, highlighting your logo or message. It’s the promise of a memorable first impression.

Cutting-edge Technology for an Exclusive Rendering

The cold stamping method applies a metal foil to the card using a special adhesive. This meticulous process guarantees a perfect finish and a spectacular visual result. The metal sheet, once attached to the support, reveals precise and vibrant graphics. Whether for business cards, invitations or any other communication medium, the metallic effect will add a touch of exclusivity.

Why Choose the Metallic Marking Card for your Business?

Impact and memorability: By opting for a personalized card with metallic marking, you choose a medium that instantly stands out. The attractive visual appearance and perceived quality of these cards capture attention and promote memorization of your brand.

Professionalism and elegance: These cards are a reflection of your commitment to quality and excellence. They convey a professional and sophisticated image of your company.

Advanced customization: At Magic-Print, each project is unique. We offer you the possibility to fully personalize your order, so that your cards best represent your brand identity.

Why Order From Magic-Print?

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of printing and personalized advertising items, Magic-Print stands out for its expertise and passion for innovation. Ordering your cards with metal marking from us means choosing a trusted partner who understands your needs and does everything possible to respond to them professionally.

Impeccable quality: We use the latest technologies and premium materials to guarantee the quality of your products.

Personalized advice: Our team of professionals is available to assist you in the design of your project, offering you solutions adapted to your needs.

Speed ​​and reliability: We are committed to meeting your deadlines with great reliability in the fulfillment and delivery of your orders.

Frequently asked Questions

What type of design is best for metal marking? Clean designs and logos particularly benefit from this technique, as it highlights fine details and contrasts.

Can I preview my order before production? Absolutely. At Magic-Print, we ensure that you are completely satisfied with your project before we begin production.


The metal-marked card is more than just a communication tool; it's a statement of style and professionalism. By choosing Magic-Print to produce these exceptional cards, you are opting for a quality service, adapted to your ambitions.


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Cards with metal marking


Cold-stamping technology can be used as an enhancement for offset printing on certain substrates.

The metallic foil is adhered to the surface of the material using a special adhesive applied by offset printing in the areas where the card is to be foil stamped.

As a result, the foil remains on the substrate where the adhesive was applied.

Offset printing performed on a print substrate prepared in this way produces a very interesting effect in the form of metallised graphics.

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