Magic Cards: The Thermochrome Power at the Service of Your Communication

In a world saturated with advertising messages, standing out becomes not only an art, but also a necessity for any company wishing to imprint its brand in the minds of consumers. At Magic Print, we have understood this requirement and offer you a revolutionary product that combines innovation and personalization: the advertising card with thermochrome effect. This technological gem is much more than a simple communication medium. It is an open door to a universe where the magic of your brand comes to life, engages and surprises.

What is the Thermochrome Effect?

Imagine for a moment, a card that changes appearance upon contact with heat. A hidden secret that is only revealed when your customers interact with it, creating a unique and memorable moment. This is the promise kept by the thermochromic effect. Thanks to a special pigment that reacts to heat, these cards offer a dynamic visual experience: a human touch is enough to transform their appearance, revealing previously hidden colors, messages or designs. When the temperature drops, the mystery renews itself, inviting a new discovery.

Why Choose the Thermochrome Card for Your Communication?

Guaranteed Interactivity: By integrating the human factor at the heart of your advertising medium, you create direct physical interaction with your brand. This sensory engagement strengthens the emotional connection and memorization of your message.

Advanced Personalization: At Magic Print, each card is a blank canvas ready to accommodate your brand identity. Logo, promotional message or creative design, everything is possible. The thermochrome effect adds an extra dimension to this personalization, making each card unique.

Innovation and Curiosity: Using technology as captivating as the thermochrome effect positions your company as a pioneer, an innovator in the minds of your customers. This original approach sparks curiosity and conversation, amplifying the reach of your message.

A Memorable Experience to Strengthen Loyalty

In the digital age, where human interactions are rare, offering a card that requires physical contact to reveal its message is an approach that humanizes your brand. This small gesture, both simple and interactive, can transform an ordinary communication into a memorable experience, thus promoting loyalty to your brand.

Magic Print: Expertise at your service

With more than 15 years of experience in printing and personalizing advertising items, the Magic Print team puts its know-how and passion at your disposal to bring your projects to life. Choosing Magic Print means ensuring personalized support, expert advice and a quality of work that meets your ambitions.

Ready to Reveal Your Brand's Potential?

The advertising card with thermochrome effect is more than just a communication tool; it’s an invitation to experience, a bridge between your brand and your customers. To find out how we can transform your advertising message into an interactive and memorable experience, visit our website Our experts are ready to study your project and provide you with a tailor-made quote. Together, let’s bring the magic of your brand to life.

Card with thermochromic effect


Thermochromic paint contains a dark pigment which, when exposed to higher temperatures (e.g., holding your finger on the card for a moment) becomes transparent.

When the card surface temperature returns to ambient temperature, the pigment becomes dark and opaque again.

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