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  • Try something cute in welcoming your customers

    You will be known when you display your brand image at the reception of your location on a personalized counter POS. Surely, after being surprised by your originality in the way you advertise, people will talk a lot about you, and this is an opportunity to make yourself known by new customers. Very light and easy to install, this counter POS is a very original advertising medium and that makes you unique in the face of the competition.

    Entrust to an expert

    For the design of your personalized counter POS, it is important to ask for the help of a professional. With that, Magic-print is the best designer you need. Indeed, we produce very original and better advertising media. No need to look elsewhere because you will surely find with us the counter POS that suits you. At magic-print, you have the choice between a counter easel, a mini advertising table roll, a brochure, flyer or leaflet holder, a counter cardboard silhouette and a cardboard counter totem.

    Place your order now

    Do not wait any longer and order your counter POS online to personalize according to your choice. Now visit the magic-print website and choose the counter POS that suits you. You only have to send us a message in order to obtain more information as well as in order to know the estimate linked to your order. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

  • Surprise your customers

    You will surprise your potential customers by using a cardboard POS on the floor when you welcome them into your premises. It is an original and very catchy advertising medium in order to effectively display your brand or the image of your products. Using a cardboard point-of-sale POS is a captivating way to get a message across, because as soon as your customers visit your location, they will notice your advertisement at a glance.

    Where to find this cardboard POS on the ground?

    For the design of your original and unique cardboard POS display, trust magic-print, the best designer you need. In fact, we make cardboard POS advertising on the ground with customization and up to your expectations. At magic-print, various choices of cardboard POS displays are available for you. You can choose between an Arch, a cardboard Banner, a Wall with columns, an advertising easel display, a cardboard advertising display, a personalized POS cardboard silhouette and a cardboard TOTEM for outdoors (led).

    Place your order now

    Without further ado, order online your personalized advertising on the Point of Sale in cardboard on the ground. Now visit our site To make things easier and for your safety, shop from home. For more information and to know the quote related to your order, you only have to write us a message and send it to us, it will be with great pleasure that we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Connect with a hanging POS

    No more rudimentary advertising media and discover this splendid hanging POS designed especially for you. A very original advertising medium that guarantees extraordinary visibility even from a distance. Surely, your customers will not see you wrong with a POS hanging over their heads. You will be seen very effectively, you can believe us. So, during your exhibition fairs, opt for a personalized hanging POS to maximize your advertising.

    Demand quality

    For the design of your personalized hanging POS, call an expert, magic-print is therefore the designer you need. Indeed, we produce high-end and unique hanging POS that will set you apart from your competitors. At magic-print, different types of personalized hanging POS are available just for you. As your satisfaction is our priority, we offer you cube signs with UV led printing, hanging signs with a light system, hanging signs with a light system, hanging signs with strong double system, hanging signs with strong simple system, a advertising flag garland, a garland in 3 dimensions and a custom kakemono. It is up to you to make your choice.

    Place your order online

    Don't waste any more time, now place your personalized hanging POS order from magic-print. Very easy to make, you just have to visit For more information and to find out the quote on your order, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Dare to be different with a customizable inflatable floor advertisement

    Do you want to stand out from your competitors? Here is a solution for you, opt for a customizable inflatable floor advertisement on which your brand appears. Surely, your customers will spot you even from a distance with a customizable inflatable floor advertisement since in addition to being large, it is more fun to see it moved by the wind, all this will ensure your difference when compared against the competition which is becoming harder at the moment. You will gain flourishing economic profitability with this little touch that makes your difference.

    Magic-print, expert in customizable inflatable floor advertising designs

    For a good quality customizable inflatable floor advertisement, it is better to call in an expert. Magic-print is there to support you in the production of your customizable inflatable advertising on the ground. Several shapes of your choice are available at Magic-print. Do not worry about the resistance of this advertising medium, all our products are tested and certified very solid and have a long life.

    Order your customizable inflatable floor advertisement

    Magic-print makes your life easier, indeed, even from your office, you can make your orders. Visit the Magic-print website now, click on the customizable inflatable floor advertisement that interests you and leave us your message. The quote will be sent to you as soon as possible. Also, don't hesitate to ask for more information about the product you want to acquire. All your wishes will be granted with Magic-print.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 38 items

How to strengthen your visibility in the eyes of your customers?

So that you can shine brightly in front of the competition and thus have more notoriety, dare to use POS as advertising media. With this, you attract the attention of your visitors, in addition, these POSs make you perfectly credible in what you do. Indeed, the use of these advertising tools evokes an image of professionalism.

Customizable advertising display: Embodiment of your image

It is necessary to set up customizable POS in your premises, or during the launch events of your products. These types of advertising accessories enhance your brand image through their customizable nature. Your difference from others plays, therefore, in your favor.

Who to call?

For the design of your customizable POS, do not hesitate to use Magic-print. You deserve better quality products, so we put at your disposal personalized advertising, very resistant and at low cost. A multitude of choices are available from us with regard to POS advertising. On that note, do not look away from our counter POS, cardboard POS on the floor, suspended POS and inflatable POS on the floor, you will certainly be satisfied with Magic-print.

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