Optimize Your Communication with Magic Print's Custom Horizontal T-Menu Holder

Illuminate your brand at every table with elegance and efficiency!

In the vast universe of promotional items, Magic Print's custom horizontal T-menu holder stands out as a strategic choice for businesses aiming to captivate their clientele in a professional and polished manner. This elegant support in transparent acrylic is more than just an object; it's a powerful communication tool, adaptable to your needs with an extensive range of sizes, from A8 to A3. Here's why integrating this product into your communication strategy can transform interactions with your customers.

Enhanced visibility for every detail

Why choose a horizontal menu holder? This question deserves consideration. The horizontal format isn't arbitrary; it serves a specific purpose: making information not only visible but also attractive. The horizontal orientation provides a wider display area, ideal for menus or information requiring a more graphic approach. Your special offers, menus, or event announcements will immediately stand out, capturing attention at first glance.

Adaptability and elegance: a winning duo

One of the main advantages of Magic Print's custom menu holder is its versatility. Available in various formats, it fits any table, whether it's a cozy café or a high-end restaurant. This adaptability is also evident in its self-standing design, allowing easy and quick installation on various surfaces, flat or inclined, depending on the desired viewing angle. It's a perfect solution for those aiming to communicate effectively without compromising the aesthetics of their space.

A powerful customization tool

Imagine your logo finely engraved on a beautiful transparent acrylic support, accompanying each customer during their meal. The custom horizontal T-menu holder is not just a practical item; it's also an exceptional brand support. At Magic Print, every detail matters, and customization is at the heart of the process. You can tailor each menu holder to perfectly reflect your company's identity and values, thus strengthening your brand image at every touchpoint.

Why choose Magic Print?

With over 15 years of experience, Magic Print excels in the field of printing and personalized advertising products. Choosing this professional means opting for unparalleled expertise, impeccable quality, and customer service that truly understands your needs. Businesses investing in Magic Print products benefit from personalized support and expert advice to optimize their visual communication strategy.


Score big with Magic Print

Still hesitant? Let yourself be convinced by the quality and efficiency of a personalized menu holder that transcends mere functional use to become a central element of your communication. Visit to explore your options and request a personalized quote. It's an opportunity to give your brand the visibility it deserves with an elegant, effective, and above all, personalized product.


Choose excellence with Magic Print and ensure that every detail of your presentation speaks for you. Communicate with impact, choose Magic Print.

Horizontal T-shaped menu holder

ESD - Porte-menu T horizontal

This horizontal menu holder, made from clear acrylic, boasts a freestanding vertical design.

Available in a wide range of sizes - A8, A7, A6, M65, A5, A4, and A3, it fits perfectly to various presentation needs.

This menu holder makes the information immediately more attractive and visible to customers.

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