Paper Advertising Garlands: A Colorful and Impactful Communication Medium

In the vast universe of communication media, paper advertising garlands stand out for their originality and ability to capture attention., your specialist in customized advertising items, offers tailor-made solutions to give a new dimension to your visual communication.

Why Choose Advertising Garlands?

Paper garlands are not just festive decorations; they are true tools of visual marketing. Imagine your logo, your promotional message floating above heads, moving with the breeze, capturing the eyes of all passersby. This guarantees visual effectiveness!

Maximum Visibility

Advertising garlands are perfect for outdoor events, trade shows, or commercial spaces. With 20x30 cm flags that are visible from afar, they create a strong visual impact that enhances your brand's presence. The ability to customize these flags in full color ensures remarkable fidelity to your corporate colors, making every detail vibrant.

Flexibility and Customization

At, we understand that every brand is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of customizations: from the shape of the flags (rectangles, triangles, etc.) to their size, everything is adaptable to your needs. Considering a garland 10 meters long or shorter? Everything is possible! Double-sided printing on laminated paper ensures optimal visibility and an extended lifespan of your garland, even outdoors.

Simple and Quick Installation

One of the main advantages of paper advertising garlands is their ease of installation. Lightweight, they are easily transported and deployed quickly to transform an ordinary space into a vibrant place colored with your company's branding.

How Can Advertising Garlands Boost Your Visibility?

Draw Attention at Events

Garlands are essential assets at festivals, fairs, or any event where the competition for public attention is fierce. They offer an aerial presence that is both joyful and professional, thus increasing your visibility.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

Consistent use of colors, logos, and your brand's messages on visual supports like garlands helps to reinforce your visual identity. It's a subtle but effective way to imprint your brand in the minds of consumers.

Why Trust

With over 15 years of experience in the advertising printing industry, is the ideal partner for your visual communication needs. We combine technical and creative expertise to produce items that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Impressive Quality

We use cutting-edge printing techniques to ensure that each garland we produce is of the highest quality. Our full-color prints ensure vivid and lasting colors, while the laminated paper offers increased resistance to the elements.

Dedicated Customer Service

At, each customer is unique. We are committed to providing personalized service and listening to your specific needs to ensure total satisfaction.

Ready to Boost Your Communication?

Paper advertising garlands are an elegant and effective solution for conveying your message. Visit our website to explore our offers and request a personalized quote. Choose and let your brand soar high and loud!



Advertising Paper Garland

AT - Guirlande papier

Advertising garlands.
The standard: flags of 20×30 cm, attached to a 10-meter thread, and printed in four-color process.
All possible sizes and all possible forms of flags (rectangle, triangle, …)
Flag printing on double-sided laminated paper.

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