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To promote a brand or a product, companies use different advertising media to attract potential customers. Currently the communication by the object is very trendy. The personalized advertising balloon remains the ideal advertising medium to convey your brand, support a new product, announce an event, or even decorate a stand.

The use of this support ensures optimal visibility among customers given their large quantity distribution. Available in several shapes and several models. Suitable for any type of use: birthday, wedding, birth, religious ceremony or a company party. Advertising balloons allow you to truly customize your event. Setting up a balloon is very simple and very quick. In addition, the multiple possibilities of colors, red, orange, blue and others make your personalized balloon an ideal decorative element to highlight a product or advertise your brand.

Personalized advertising balloons: event advertising support

The advertising balloon or other inflatable structure for events is one of the original products that can bring a festive atmosphere, while enhancing a brand with customers, an audience, etc. Customizable advertising balloons will find their place on all occasions, professional or personal: Parties, Receptions, Galas, Inaugurations, Dinners, Children's snacks, Weddings, Birthdays, Births, Retirement, etc. Carrying your message, the advertising balloon will bring color and joy to all those to whom you offer it. Indeed, customizable advertising balloons catch the eye. It can be a design and aesthetic communication tool. He imposes as part of an advertising campaign during an event.

On the Magicprint site, there are types of balloons that do not go unnoticed to broadcast your advertising messages during outdoor or indoor promotional fairs: heart balloons, giant advertising balloon, latex fabric balloon, dirigible balloons , the mylar balloon, the large round balloon. To complete it all, our team makes sure to offer accessories to attract prospects: the light stick, the balloon closer, the manual or electric inflator, the rods. Choosing balloons means choosing the best communication media. Inflating balloons with helium or air is an effective technique with a good quality/price ratio.

Giant advertising balloons to stand out

These signs guide visitors to your point of sale. Advertising balloons are unwavering means of communication to promote your brand image. During your commercial operations, these inflatables will serve as decoration that hovers over your stand. Also, to ensure this visibility, the print quality should not be minimized. Different sizes exist on our site. To be visible among the mass of competition, an inflatable advertisement will circulate your visual identity. To inflate the turnover, opt for personalized balloons.

Discover our range of inflatable advertising balloons and order the ones that suit your needs. We also have other inflatable models in our possession: the arch, the tent, the screen,...