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Whether at event ceremonies, fairs and outdoor exhibitions, be visible all the time by setting up customizable tents. You are very likely to be easily spotted with these tents, and its use will attract significantly more visitors during these aforementioned times. This situation will work in your favor since you will undoubtedly earn a lot of profits with the use of these customizable tents. So don't be afraid to show off and display your visibility

The advantages of using tents as a communication medium are:

- These marquees protect your guests as well as the product ranges from sunburn.

- They are easy to assemble and also to disassemble.

- The quality-price ratio meets your expectations.

- These canvases are decorative for the entourage.


Ask an expert

Magic-print is in the best position to make your customizable advertising tents. The choice is yours, as tents of various shapes and sizes are available. There are all kinds of tents such as a customizable inflatable tent with an integrated fan; and / or a simple advertising tent made from polyester fabrics and walls available in full, with window or with door. Besides ready-to-build tents, Magic-print also offers you tent accessories like round concrete weights, metal weights, halogen lamp, heater, flag stand and more.


Order your tents

No more queuing in hardware stores, to facilitate your shopping, Magic-print provides you with an easy and simple way to order your customizable advertising tents. Nothing difficult, just click on the product you are interested in and send your message for more information and quotes. You will have the answer as soon as possible.