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  • Your image, your strength

    In order to dominate the goods and services market, the most important thing is to stand out from the competition on one side and spread your image and products widely on the other. Nowadays, to increase your visibility, countless choices are available to you. Thus, Magic-print offers you the most effective solution to play on your image and brand with these advertising textile transfers. Indeed, today you can transfer either images or numbers, on textile materials such as luggage, work clothes, caps, etc. Transferring your images to textiles such as T-shirts for example will attract many more customers, because it is the latter who will wear them. So, you will motivate your future potential customers with your personalized accessories.

    Who to call?

    Look no further, Magic-print is there to support you in carrying out your advertising textile transfers. In addition to making it more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features on your textile materials, these advertising textile transfers effectively ensure your visibility. Don't worry, you are in good hands with Magic-print thanks to its expertise in this field.

    Place your order

    All advertising textile transfers to Magic-print are guaranteed to be the most resistant with attractive prices. In addition, with a four-color printing, you have the choice on the supports to personalize. So don't wait any longer, request your quote and order your advertising textile transfers by visiting the Magic-print website. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Know that everything becomes possible with Magic-print.

  • Enhance your image

    Amplify your notoriety with this customizable custom-made advertising textile, where your image will be displayed everywhere. In fact, your economic profitability comes from a large part of your image displayed on the market, since many customers will find you easily and very quickly if your brand is been spread on a huge scale. Customizable custom advertising textiles are therefore an adequate means of achieving your grand visibility. You can put your advertising on it, an opportunity for you to stand out from other competitors.

    Seek the help of an expert

    In order to get customizable advertising textiles, of good quality and at a better price, do not worry anymore about finding the best offer, Magic-print grants your wishes. You have a huge choice of textiles to personalize like sports T-shirt or shorts, or softshell jackets for Motocross, you will not be disappointed. Without forgetting that the sizes of the textiles which are proposed to you, are universal and that the ink used on each textile is completely integrated in the textile fiber. As for sportswear, it is made from breathable honeycomb polyester lycra fabrics.

    Place your orders

    Look no further, simply visit the Magic-print website to see all kinds of customizable custom advertising textiles. You can also submit a request for more information on the product you are interested in and do not hesitate, at the same time, to request a quote. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

  • Need a magic potion to become invincible in your market?

    Magic-print is the person you need to whip up your potion to gain more strength than the competition. Indeed, we provide you with incomparable accessories that can take you up the ladder and thus have a  flourishing business. With that, we offer you textile labels personalized with your brand image. This will increase your visibility in view of a larger number of audiences.

    Textile labels: Originality at a better price

    Textile labels are a very original advertising tools for popularizing your brand image or logo. Thanks to their small size, it is extremely easy to widely spread and promote them on one side, and on the other hand, these advertising accessories are ideal for all the products you sell. Surely, all you have to do is equip a textile label on each of your sales products to guarantee better publicity. In addition, these textile labels generate only a lower cost, which is good for your business.

    Different kinds of labels for textile from Magic-print

    Be professional and use textile labels to promote yourself. At Magic-print, you can choose between cardboard labels for textiles, PVC labels for textiles, woven / Jacquard labels for textiles, printed fabric labels for textiles, textile label seals and personalized ribbon. All our labels are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

    Place your order online

    Without further ado, order your textile labels now at

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Do you know how to make a stylish advertisement?

Finding an innovative idea on how to advertise effectively is not always easy. However, there is a remedy for each ailment, so what better than an advertising textile to widely propagate your image. It’s much more stylish and cool to display your brand image as well as the image of your products on a mobile advertising medium, surely here the real medium for your advertising is the person wearing the advertising textile.

Where to find the ideal advertising textile?

Be a Pro by exposing your brand on very good quality advertising textiles. To do so, consult an expert in the design of very original and unique advertising media, which is none other than Magic-print. Indeed, we carry advertising textile with your effigy and the color does not deteriorate easily even after several washes. We make full color transfers on all types of textiles: luggage, T-shirt, work clothes, caps, polyester, nylon, cotton, etc.

Multitude of choices at your disposal

At magic-print, apart from the creation of personalized sports clothing / textiles or personalized clothing and advertising textiles, we also offer you our screen printing transfer service in 1 or 2 color printing on clothing and textiles. From now on, we also provide you with cardboard labels, PVC labels, woven / Jacquard labels, printed fabric labels, label seals, personalized ribbon and textile transfer numbers.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us to order your advertising textiles. Indeed, for your safety, with a simple gesture, place your order online from your home. Now visit and choose the advertising textile you need. For more information and to know the quote related to your order, send us your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.