Cheap advertising textiles: personalized items and clothing suitable for all circumstances

Personalized clothing such as printed and personalized T-shirts are inexpensive promotional textiles that are very useful for branding or persuading prospects of the good quality of service or products of the company. They are effective in optimizing the sale. And other than the sale, the message included in its objects are also necessary to materialize the existence of the association or company, and to communicate with its target audiences. But for that, there are rules to follow, or rather tips to adopt.

The polo shirt: the customizable advertising garment suitable for companies

Businesses and associations are among those who use personalized clothing to get their message out. Often, they choose this path to publicize their existence and their activities. With a wide choice of custom textiles: t-shirt, polo shirt, hat, custom cap, flag, and more, they won't have a hard time standing out. We often meet members of associations wearing the same clothes with the same logo, color, and even the message. With them, the fibers of inexpensive advertising textiles do not have to be highlighted, but just a communication medium or useful everyday objects. For them, the fact that her target audiences pick up the message and remember their names upon seeing the object in question already has significance for the relevance of her personalized clothing.

This is why companies opt for durable items to personalize and for example the t-shirt or polo shirt are a very practical choice. They allow you to stay at ease during the day. In fact, the polo shirt is suitable for men, women, and even children. Just choose different sizes. But the color, type of print, logo, and message are the same. With a choice of relevant print, this personalized garment becomes the ambassador of great visibility for all organizations. The polo shirt is the best way to build an impressive reputation.

Some companies are limited on budget and cannot afford to go for more sophisticated fabrics. If the target of the communication is in cold regions, the more expensive cotton fabric is more suitable. It brings warmth and softness to the skin. On the contrary in hot regions of France, nylon can be very thin and very light. This is an advantageous option for all business associations, companies, clubs with a limited budget. It can be really cheaper.

Currently, the technology applicable to printing on advertising goodies including personalized clothing is very advanced. Screen and transfer printing is very trendy, it is much more realistic and above all very beautiful to see. In fact, the final print image is displayed as you demand. You just need to have the perfect model to copy to get a good quality result. This technology is applicable to any type of advertising object, namely: cap, shirt, T-shirt, hat, polo shirt, etc. even technological objects like USB keys.

Other choices of inexpensive promotional textiles available for businesses

It's not just polo shirts. There are several ways to market your business or brand. However, cheap promotional textiles are much more relevant and affordable. They can last much longer and their washable and reusable nature makes them even more economical. This is the case with T-shirts, caps, umbrellas, and even fabric bags. The choice is wide allowing associations to choose the textile that suits them.

We often see employees, vendors, booth operators or volunteers of nonprofit organizations wearing personalized clothing such as promotional printed t-shirts. With such clothes, an organization can create its identity easily and cost effectively. For donors and association supporters, t-shirts are a good choice.

But make sure you choose the right t-shirt design that speaks well for your business. Have a slogan written on the t-shirt to convey your message to people.

First, it is a durable promotional item that can stand the test of time and will always be effective at all times. It also makes it more economical and easier to distribute. If the association wishes to make the conscience of its prospects stand out, textiles are undoubtedly the best option.

He has a great capacity to receive the message of great size, very visible and communicative. Whether it's a logo, text, or an image; textiles easily send the subject of the message to users and those around them.

In general, personalized textiles from associations are ordered in large quantities like all other goodies. Therefore the price is affordable even if it depends on the premium fabric, the amount of ink on the print and especially the size of the print. The printing technique also influences the cost of pricing.

The recommended type of textile printing

The main object of textile printing is to communicate a message that can be advertising or just raising awareness for companies. The type of printing plays a crucial role in the relevance of this method of communication via objects and textiles. So which type to choose for your choice of cheap promotional textiles?

The choice to personalize varies between embroidery, screen printing, flocking, transfer, text, engraving, up to modern high-tech standard prints. Your budgets can also influence your choices since prices are also different depending on the type of print.

Like the purchase of textiles, the type of printing also exists in a catalog to better guide buyers in their choice. At Magicprint, we offer a support service to help you succeed in your communication through our objects.

The choice on the type of printing also influences the delivery time. Machine-made printing is much faster than embroidery which needs attention. But at Magicprint, we have a whole team ensuring both the quality of our products and our services, and the respect of the delivery date including.

Sometimes it happens that associations order inexpensive blank promotional items and textiles without any personalization. Either they focus on color only by wearing only clothes of the same colors, or they prefer to do the printing themselves in order to then give these products as gifts to professionals.

Obviously, with orders for blank textiles, the price is much more affordable and the turnaround is very quick. The price is even better if you order in bulk. Retailers are the most affected by this last type of order. They buy goodies in bulk and then resell them in retail.

Bulk order is 5-10 pieces minimum, and the maximum number is limited according to your budget and how many you need for your business, association, society, etc.

We are the reference in the field of textiles and advertising goodies. So, whether it's hats, clothes, advertising goodies, etc. make your quotes and place the order by filling out the form. Or just contact us by phone for more details and in particular to get the full quote.

Textile direct printing


Four-color digital printing directly on textile
The ink is completely integrated into the textile fiber
Only on cotton textile

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