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Companies must use printed material to succeed in their various communication strategies. As a true ally of all professionals, Magicprint offers several quality services to help improve as well as better support them.

A team of advertising professionals

At a time when competition is raging, it is important for companies to surround themselves with real professionals in order to be able to carry out advertising work. Magicprint has all the know-how and skills necessary to produce tools to help you achieve the expectations of your company. With many years of experience, Magicprint excels in the art of digital printing and offers various trendy and effective communication tools. Advertising bags, posters, personalized counters or even personalized tablecloths for trade shows, each product is meticulously produced by a team of experts. Allow us to print your advertising media and you will not be disappointed with the result.

Magicprint thinks of your portfolio by offering the lowest rates and best quality on the market. Thanks to sophisticated machines and devices, we are able to print communication objects and advertising media as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Different personalized advertising options

Magicprint offers companies the freedom to design all communication tools that meet their needs and requirement by themselves. Thanks to a virtual personalization tool, companies can choose the design of their adverting supports. This includes:

. General aspect

. The format

. The dimensions

. The model

The form

. Colors

For each advertising medium, the site offers various formats and models to customize and create a truly unique communication tool.

Spread powerful advertising messages

Once the general aspect of the advertisement has been chosen, it's time to work on its content. An essential element of your advertising tool, the content must be chosen with care. Indeed, this is the advertising message that will be conveyed. The content type can be text or graphic or both. It’s important to get the passersby’s attention at first glance, hence the need for image.

The text can be long or short depending on the objects or services that are to be presented. However, it is essential to adapt the text content to the format and dimensions of the advertising area. Too long a text may annoy readers while a short message may not be picked up by passers-by.

If many companies choose only the slogan of the site or the name of the product, some choose to put a maximum amount of information on the advertisement. If it is a new product, for example, we choose to integrate its name and its advantages through different forms of communication. Companies have many different possibilities to please readers as much as possible.

As for the image, the format is also important, as is the quality. It is necessary to choose a high resolution image that will offer a harmonious rendering. Poor and too small images should be avoided since they do not look good on printed advertisements.

In addition to the logo, companies can print photographs of products and presentation images on all different types of materials. In case of any doubt or question, we recommend seeking advice from Magicprint specialists.

The advertising media offered by Magicprint

As a versatile printing agency, Magicprint offers all types of advertising materials. Entrust this professional with the realization of your advertising plaform:

. Posters

. Stickers and decals

. Tarpaulins and banners

. Balloons and bandanas

. Hats, boxers, armbands

. Frames

. Countertops

. Cushions and blankets

Flags and bibs

. Scarves

. Pennants

. Garlands

. Hammocks

. Covers, tablecloths

. Umbrellas

. Cardboard

. Inflatable advertising

. Roll up

. Bags and saddlebags

. Tents and deckchairs

. Advertising textiles, textile transfers

. Pencil cases and pens

. Windflags

Clothing and promotional items at the heart of a trend

Advertising textiles want to be very trendy today. Magicprint offers T-shirts, polo shirts, jerseys, shorts, as well as customizable jackets. Call on this professional to help design and configure high quality clothing.

Set up your advertising stand

Magicprint offers you all the elements to create a lively and attractive advertising stand. Indispensable during fairs, cultural and sporting events and various other activities, the stand represents your brand, so it is imperative to decorate it well.

At Magicprint, print your advertising tents, your personalized tablecloths, your posters and advertising flags to animate the stand. Use inflatable objects to catch your visitors' eyes.

It is also recommended to furnish the advertising stand with custom-made furniture. For example, opt for advertising counters that can serve as both a reception area and a communication tool. You can also order displays to present the products while dressing the stand.

Why choose Magicprint?

Magicprint excels in the art of digital printing. For several years, we have offered advertising agencies, printers, screen printers, communications agencies, etc. services that suit all their needs while guaranteeing optimum quality and a fast delivery time.

On the price side, Magicprint has very attractive reseller prices. With specific devices for large-scale printing, we can fulfill any type of order at a truly affordable price. In addition, you will receive a reduction in price on large orders.

Request a free quote now by filling out the online form and get that to you as soon as possible.