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Let's protect ourselves and protect others!

As there is still no vaccine or specific treatment against the Coronavirus to date, prevention remains the best way to combat this deadly pandemic. For those who are forced to work and are therefore exposed on a day-to-day basis to this danger, it is essential to protect them. Installing a separation panel helping to prevent any unnecessary contact as well as the transmission of the virus when welcoming people from outside is now available to you at magic print.

The different types of separation panels from Magic-print

Magic-print provides you with various kinds of separation panels to guarantee your safety. Here are the products available:

- A frame - protective screen,

- A protective plexi-glass screen,

- A hanging screen,

- A MAN Stand - EVA - transparent

- Modular stands,

As a bonus, protective visors and protective masks are also available from Magic-print.

Let's fight together and order your separation panel at Magic-print

Place your order online to get your own separation panel. Now visit our site and choose the separation panel that suits you. Leave us your message and we will get back to you shortly.