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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Wear your team color with pride

Are you proud of your team? Want to show that pride? We have the solution, it is the advertising crest. In today's world, belonging to an association, a group is an important part of our social life. For this Magicprint can assist you in this solidarity.

A quality product that sticks to textiles, the personalized crest is a decorative element that highlights a sports club, an orchestra group, a company. Therefore, if you want to make yourself known, seek the help of a professional.

The advertising crest: the medium to put everywhere

Sticking an advertising crest on clothing can give your company a better image. Because of this, you can give an original touch with your sign, your logo or your slogan. The shape and size of the crest depends on your requirements. Its elegant and delicate appearance gives your garment or other textile a high-end design. It also provides your community with a positive effect.

The Magicprint advertising crest

To simplify the use of an advertising crest, we suggest it with a resistant attachment. We have at our disposal several models of this product: the embroidered patch, the 3D pvc patch, the 3D silicone patch, the sublimated patch and the woven patch.

Here are a few tastes of the product:

For the embroidered crest, this polyester product with relief embroidery from 1 to 9 colors is available in any shape. To attach, this object has a heat-adhesive back or Velcro. A variety of options are also possible to make the crest eye-catching like American bumblebee, metallic thread.

For that of the 3D PVC crest, the marking of this support is done by injection of 1 to 5 colors. Just like the embroidery patch, this support has a heat-adhesive back or Velcro. Mix of two possible thicknesses. The 3D effect of the stand gives a more realistic effect. For this patch to hold well, it is advisable to sew it.

For the 3D silicone badge, this thermoformed object is printed in screen printing from 1 to 5 colors. A multitude of possible forms. Fusible back or velcro allows fixing.

Collaborate with an expert for the creation of your advertising crest

To advertise your brand, club or business, hire an expert company. Use the advertising crest for good visual impact and to differentiate yourself from the competition. On google, type and discover the product that suits your tastes. With us, the price goes well with the quality of our offer.