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Be connected so that your potential customers can easily distinguish you from your competitors. Indeed, every detail counts so that you are effective with your visibility in a world where the competition becomes more and more competitive. In addition, it is important not to stay frozen in time and to find the appropriate advertising mediums, so always have new ideas and opt for the 3D doming sticker in personalized ads.


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Entrust your ideas to Magic-print for the realization of your 3D doming sticker personalized advertising. Indeed, Magic-print produces stickers with strong glue to guarantee its resistance. Also earn bonuses by making your 3D doming sticker and personalized ad stickers at Magic-print, since in addition to having a 3-dimensional effect and a soft feel, the resin used is made of transparent polyurethane. All this allows doming to highlight the product on which the sticker will be stuck. Stickers of various forms of cutouts are available just for you and all are printed in digital four-color and screen printing. Rest assured that Magic-print is there to grant your wishes.


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3D sticker – Doming


Sticker with strong glue

Transparent polyurethane resin

Simple cut forms

By the transparency of the resin, the 3-dimensional effect and the soft touch, the doming makes it possible to highlight the product on which the sticker will be glued.

Full-color digital printing and silk-screen printing

Presentation in A4 boards

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