An electrostatic sticker: the film that sticks to a smooth surface

Effective and practical, a sticker offers an easy-to-apply decoration. We offer the electrostatic sticker, a support that matches a flat surface (showcase, wall). It is also a communication tool that offers advantages. In order for the vinyl to correspond to the needs of the customers, it is recommended to personalize it. Then, this product can promote a brand image and increase visibility. At Magicprint, you can take advantage of every model of communication product, including the electrostatic micro-suction cup.

Choose an influential communication medium

A sticker is a prime advertising medium that easily captivates targets. If you're looking for a low-cost way to advertise, adhesive-free vinyl is key. The use of this type of medium provides impactful visual communication. To preserve the graphic charter and the colors, we have chosen to print the electrostatic sticker in four-color process. Thanks to this, you will therefore be sure to get an attractive design.

To help you as best it can, the small or large format sticker can be repositioned during installation. The back of the film is washable with water if the dust ends up making the adhesion less strong. To ensure its durability, we advise you to use it indoors. The best thing about this sticker is that it is PVC free which means it is totally eco-friendly.

The electrostatic force technology adapts perfectly to laying surfaces that do not tolerate scratches. We manufacture stickers for advertising on electrical appliances in stores, for supermarkets, for children's games, for office decorations. Opt for vinyl with a white or transparent background.

Order your share of electrostatic sticker

For the realization of your repositionable sticker projects, we encourage you to place an order with a specialist. Ask us for a quote and you will have an answer as soon as possible. Take advantage of our service to create quality support. Before the materialization of your purchase, send your vector file so that we can create the model. The printing and delivery time is counted from the validation of the proof. Entrust us with your electrostatic sticker.

Micro suction cup (without glue)


Film that sticks on all flat surfaces. His structure is made of micro suction cups.

Characteristics :

- Without bubble

- He does not use adhesive

- No special precautions for laying

- Easy to apply

- The back of the film is washable with water if the dust ends up making the adhesion less strong. It can be positioned as many times as you want

- exists in white background and transparent background

- No PVC: eco-friendly product

- Indoor product


- Advertising on electrical appliances in stores (TV, electrical appliances, computers ...)

- Posters

- Games for children

- office decoration

Quotation and information request

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