Try multi-cloning!


The best way to sell a product is to widely promote the image of that product. And similarly, the effective way to impose your notoriety in front of the competition resides in the exorbitant diffusion of your brand image. To do this, opt for roll stickers, which are ideal tools. Instead of using a single sticker to display your image, the roll stickers contribute to the massive multiplication of your image more easily.


Do you want to be unique?


Trust Magic-print for the design of your roll stickers. Surely this is the expert for you. High quality and unique stickers in rolls that truly reflect your personality are offered to you by Magic-print. All stickers in rolls are printed in four colors and made from paper or polypropylene with varnish or lamination. For your satisfaction, you have the possibility to choose the size of the rectangle cutout of the stickers.


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Now order your stickers in rolls online, at No more boring long queues when shopping. From now on, do your shopping from home, behind your screen. Do not worry about the cost, we offer you stickers in rolls with an unbeatable price. You can save money by entrusting Magic-print with the production of your stickers. So, to find out more, or to find out the quote on ordering stickers in rolls personalized with your liking, simply leave us your message and we will get back to you very quickly.

Stickers in rolls


Stickers printed in process colors

Thickness 100 microns

Any size and form possible

In paper, or polypropylene; with varnish or lamination.

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