Personalized gift boxes: The secret to captivating your customers

A strategic choice for impactful communication

In a world where every detail counts, offering a personalized gift box to your customers is not just a gesture of generosity, it is a powerful communication strategy. These custom-made boxes are not simple containers; they are a reflection of your brand identity and a vehicle for your values. At Magic Print, we understand the importance of personalizing every interaction with your customers. This is why our gift boxes, available with a multitude of finishing options such as matte film, UV varnish, embossing or even hot stamping, are essential tools to make a lasting impression.

Diversity and quality: Customize according to your desires

Imagine a box that speaks even before being opened. A smooth surface with a UV varnish that catches the light, or perhaps you prefer the tactile subtlety of deep embossing? At Magic Print, choice is king. Our team, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of advertising printing, is here to transform your ideas into reality. From standard cardboard to the most exotic textures, we make your vision a priority. Each finish is designed to embolden your message and delight your recipients.

Why choose a personalized gift box?

The act of giving personalized gift boxes goes beyond the simple distribution of products; it's a thoughtful approach that shows your business pays attention to detail. This attention can turn a first impression into a lasting relationship. Whether for a corporate event, such as product launches, or to strengthen ties with business partners during the end-of-year celebrations, each box is a promise of quality and originality.

Frequently asked questions: What you need to know

What customization options are available? Our finishes include matte film, UV varnish, various types of embossing and hot or cold stamping, allowing you to create a box that suits you.

How to choose the right finish? Our team of experts is at your disposal to advise you and help you select the best option according to your budget and the desired effect.

Magic Print expertise at your service

Buying your gift boxes from Magic Print means choosing a partner with recognized expertise and a passion for quality. More than a supplier, we are advisors who seek to optimize your visual and tactile impact. Our personalized advice, based on solid experience, ensures that your final product is not only beautiful, but memorable.

Opting for a personalized gift box from Magic Print is not just a choice, it's a strategy. It means choosing to invest in the perception of your brand and strengthening your image among your customers. Don't let your message get lost in the crowd; stand out with a product that meets your ambitions. To find out more and obtain a personalized quote, visit our website now. Transform the ordinary into extraordinary and make every gift an unforgettable memory.

Gift box


Our boxes are available in a wide range of print finishing options.

These include matt foil, UV varnish, relief and indent embossing, hot stamping as well as cold stamping.

Our experienced team can advise on design options, from standard boxes to more complex, distinctive textures.

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