PVC panel printing for a perfect decoration

A billboard is a versatile advertising medium that can be installed indoors or outdoors. For the realization of your future projects, a personalized pvc panel has several advantages that can help you. It is a fully customizable and highly durable signage. Light, aesthetic, the pvc panel is one of the most coveted communication media by stores during a marketing operation. In addition, it combines quality and price.

Also note that the printing of a pvc panel supports different weather conditions.

The personalized pvc panel: the ideal support for your advertising needs

For entrepreneurs, a large format pvc sign is the perfect key to creating lasting advertising. Its lightness is one of the characteristics that facilitates its mounting on the sign of your store. Choosing a personalized pvc panel makes it easy to reach your target (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians). This signage is combined with the promotion of a product or a brand. By opting for printing on a pvc panel, it is sure and certain that you will obtain an irrefutable result.

A pvc panel represents several advantages, including great longevity. The cost-effectiveness of this type of product makes it a popular choice in businesses. They are also available in a variety of colors and textures. To start your project, selecting the right material and the right design is the best thing to do.

For outdoor use, an advertising sign can enhance the image of your store. Therefore, consider a large and flexible advertising medium such as the custom sign.

Use a custom pvc panel from Magicprint

To create your own communication medium, collaborate with a professional. Our many years of experience are at the disposal of our customers. In addition, we make sure to offer superior quality products to satisfy you even more.

On our online catalog, you can discover the PLV panel, it is a personalized pvc panel 2 mm thick printed in four colors. For it to adapt to your needs, a shape cut is possible. Certainly, a panel with a specific cutout can attract attention. What sets our panels apart is that they are fixed with suction cups of about 40 cm in diameter. As an option, it is possible to order a panel with larger or smaller suction cups.

Place an order for your personalized pvc panel, we have the quantity you want in stock and you will benefit from fast delivery.

POS panels


2 mm PVC panels, printed in four colors

Shape cutting possible.

Supplied with suction cups.

Sucker diameter: about 4cm
Thread length approx. 6.5 mm
Thread diameter 4 mm

on estimate according to size and number of suction cups.

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