Custom Fans: The Charming Asset for Your Business Communication

A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Brand

Are you looking for an original and impactful way to promote your brand at events, fairs, or in your premises? Look no further! The custom fan is the quintessential promotional item that combines utility and aesthetics, ensuring maximum visibility where you need it most.

Personalization in Your Image

At Magic Print, we understand that each brand is unique. That's why we offer fans printed on high-quality cardboard (250 g/m2), with full-color printing on both sides, which can be identical or different according to your needs. Imagine your logo or your advertising message displayed on this chic and practical accessory, visible from afar and appreciated for its elegance!

A Tailor-Made Cutout

Do you have a precise idea or a specific desire concerning the shape of your fan? Magic Print gives you the option to choose the cut that suits you. No matter the complexity of your design, we perform a custom shape cut with a maximum size of 162x162 mm. This means that your creativity can be freely expressed to create a truly unique and tailor-made product.

Advantages for Your Business

Using custom fans to promote your business has multiple advantages. Not only is it a useful product appreciated during the hot summer days, but it also serves as an excellent mobile advertising medium. Every time someone uses your fan, your message reaches a new audience, thus increasing your brand recognition organically and spontaneously.

Why Choose Magic Print?

With over 15 years of experience in printing and customizing promotional items, Magic Print is your ideal partner. We are committed to providing superior quality products, made in Europe (Poland), with particular attention to detail. Our streamlined ordering process and responsive customer support ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Ready to Boost Your Visibility?

Imagine the impact at your next big event, when each participant or visitor will have a fan displaying your brand. Could this change the way customers perceive your business? Absolutely.

Why not take action today? Visit to start your custom fan project and request a quote. With orders available from 100 units, now is the perfect time to give a new breath to your business communication. Turn a simple breeze into a tornado of success with Magic Print!



The personalized fan: a refreshing breeze in the world of advertising

In the incessant tumult of communication strategies, it is sometimes difficult for a company to stand out. How to capture the attention of your potential customers in an original and memorable way? The personalized fan shape offers a response that is as simple as it is effective. Imaginative, practical and customizable as desired, this advertising accessory brings a touch of freshness to your business communication.

Tailor-made personalization for communication that suits you

The personalized fan does not just display your logo or your colors: it adapts to all your personalization desires. On high-quality cardboard (250 grs/m2), your message comes to life thanks to high-definition four-color printing. You have the choice between two identical or different sides, giving free rein to your creativity. But what really makes the difference is the custom-shaped cutout, offering a maximum size of 162x162 cm. Let your imagination run wild: from the classic to the most eccentric, everything is possible.

The advantages of personalized communication

Why opt for the personalized range in your communication strategy? The reasons are as varied as they are convincing. First of all, it is a useful and practical object, which will find its place in the daily life of your customers. In summer, it becomes the essential accessory for cooling off in all circumstances, at the beach or on the terrace. Then, its personalization allows you to convey your brand image in an original and impactful way. No more conventional advertising media: with the personalized fan, stand out from the competition and make an impression.

Questions that concern you

You may be wondering: why choose the personalized fan rather than another advertising medium? The answer is simple: its originality and practicality make it a unique communication tool of its kind. Would you like to know more about the customization possibilities? With a custom die-cut, the only limits are those of your imagination. Wondering how much to order? With a minimum of 100 units, you have enough to appeal to a wide audience.

Trust a printing professional

Ordering from a printing professional means ensuring quality service and a result that meets your expectations. At Magic Print, we provide you with more than 15 years of experience in the field of visual communication. Our team of experienced graphic designers will be able to advise you and support you throughout your project. Choose quality and customer satisfaction: choose Magic Print.

Take the first step towards innovative communication

You have understood, the personalized shaped fan is much more than a simple summer accessory: it is a real asset for your communication strategy. So, don't wait any longer to bring a breath of fresh air to your brand image. Go now to our website and request your personalized quote. Give free rein to your creativity: with Magic Print, your communication takes on a whole new dimension.

Custom shaped fan


Fan printed on 250 grs/m2 cardboard.

Four-color printing on 2 identical or different sides.

Cut to shape at customer's choice

Maximum size of the cutout: 162x162 mm

Minimum quantity: 100 units

Manufacturing Europe (Poland)

Quotation and information request

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