Everything you need to know about personalized photo tablecloths and personalized placemat

Interior or outdoor decorative details in great demand since the dawn of time, the personalized photo tablecloth has now gained an imposing place as an essential and very eye-catching promotional tool. With that, the use of a tablecloth and other table decorations has the ultimate power to make anyone who wants to gain more notoriety stand out from the competition.

A personalized tablecloth for living rooms is a great choice to promote your business. You can put your company logo, advertising messages and even photos on personalized tablecloths. A promotional tablecloth also increases the visibility of your brand and educates consumers through the quality of the printing and the material of the tablecloth. Personalized tablecloths offer good visual communication and optimize the sales of your products and / or services.

A good marketing strategy can achieve special attention. If more than one person is able to notice your logo, it will increase the overall effectiveness of the advertisement. It will also help to retain customers.

A personalized photo tablecloth is an inexpensive and effective communication medium. This decoration can affect many people who would be interested in your messages. You can use fairs as an opportunity to advertise new items. Now is a great time for you to make a good impression in public.

Personalized photo tablecloth: very formidable advertising medium

In restaurants, a personalized photo tablecloth is the best way to represent your business and a way to send a message to consumers. Whether your restaurant is large or small, consider the look of your table because designing a pretty tablecloth can create an elegant environment. In order to retain your customers, consider giving this type of tablecloth as a gift. This will increase your notoriety.

During weddings, you can have a beige paper table decoration. This color can be associated with other colors: red, apple green, pink ... Dare to combine colors to amaze your guests. With a personalized photo tablecloth and matching napkins, put the photo of the lovers on the table.

Using a personalized photo tablecloth to make yourself known turns out to be a genius idea, since these objects have the capacity to woo your guests, or your prospects. All this, thanks to their color, the quality of the fabric and their price which does not cost much compared to the satisfaction experienced by their users. Thus, once your brand image is displayed on a tablecloth or table runner, you will no longer risk going unnoticed.

Personalized tablecloth photo from Magicprint

Magicprint provides you with a good quantity of personalized photo tablecloths and high-end personalized accessories in different sizes. A personalized tablecloth and placemat in units and rolls as well as a wide choice of colors are available from us. With printing technology, the tablecloths are printed in 1 color only with a repeat of a visual of up to 35 cm. However placemats can be printed from 1 color to 3 colors.

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The possibilities are overwhelming. You can choose your personalized tablecloth in any format, material and model, whether it is a personalization with messages or logo for commercial establishments, a photo of family, child, baby ... for personal reasons.

Be privileged and place your order by sending us an email to purchase your personalized photo tablecloth and other table accessories. You can add other promotional items to your order. Just leave us your message.

kraft paper: tablecloth and placemat


Tablecloths and table mats

Beige and kraft paper

Paper: 40grs / m2 embossed and kraft paper 50 grs / m2

Printing in 1 color for the tablecloths

1/2/3 color printing on placemats

Tablecloths: repetition of a visual of 35 cm max

Size of tablecloths and placemats:

- 100x100 cm / 120x120 cm

- 100x120 cm

- 40x120 cm (head to head table set)

- Rolls of 1x100 meters

- Rolls of 1.20x100 meters

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