An advertising tablecloth for your communication

Whether you are running an outdoor advertising campaign or promoting your full-fledged business, it is crucial that you have a nice table for promotion. With a table decorated and appropriate for your promotional campaign, you will be able to obtain a better position in the market and maximize all the necessary resources. The table could take the place of a sales booth.

Do you want a nice table to catch the eye during public actions? So the solution is the advertising slick. Cover your table with a tablecloth to personalize with your logo or advertising message. For a trade show, a commercial presentation, the tablecloth is a very effective communication medium to make your products known to customers.

A tablecloth can also decorate personal affairs such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays. This communication tool can follow the theme of the events with the help of different colors.

Several choices of tablecloth colors to customize are available. Color play is also important in consumer display. To appeal to an unlikely number of customers, match your advertising tablecloth with the surroundings. A colorful polyester fabric tablecloth will make your space more frequented at your trade shows.

About the shape of the tablecloth. Shape also plays an essential role in the promotion of a product or a brand image. Round, rectangular or square, make sure that your advertising tablecloth matches the shape and size of the table.

Have good taste with the advertising tablecloth in personalized canvas printing

The advertising tablecloth and graphic printing should complement each other. If you use a customizable polyester fabric tablecloth, you can proudly present your brand image. Also, a high-end and colorful tablecloth will make your exhibition space more frequented.

At events, fairs and also exhibitions, never miss the opportunity to stand out from the competition, so become the gold that shines between the tide of sand with the advertising tablecloth. Both used for decorative and advertising purposes, the personalized fabric tablecloth guarantees you better visibility with your prospects.

Polyester is a wonderful fabric to use for a table cover since polyester has many properties that make it durable. The thickness of the fabric guarantees the durability of the tablecloth, at Magicprint, a polyester fabric tablecloth weighs 205 grs / m². The quality of the tablecloth and the sublimation printing make it resistant to wear.

One of the best things about using a textile for an advertising table is that it is a very versatile material. You can sew it with hem finish. It can also receive a special anti-fire M1 and B1 treatment in case you expose products that require the presence of fire.

Note: the printing of the advertising tablecloth can be displayed on the center, the sides and with repetition of the visuals.

Magicprint, the subject matter expert

There is only one place to design your beautiful, best quality advertising tablecloth at an affordable price, not found elsewhere, and that is at Magicprint. In order to wow you, the advertising tablecloth offered by our company is designed from polyester printed fabric, with stitched hem, flame retardant and washable. We always reward quality customers just like you, so please don't hesitate to ask for your wishes so that it can be granted.

The many years of printing experience of our company are offered to our kind customers. On our product presentation platform, you can order and print large quantities of communication media such as tablecloths (fabric, non-woven, plastic or paper), but also flags, banners, garlands, etc. You can at the same time choose the size that suits you for all our products which are all made to measure.

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From now on, we will make it easier for you to acquire your advertising tablecloth. Indeed, you have the privilege of placing your order at, an opportunity to save your time, your energy as well as your money related to the cost of travel. Visit the site and click on the advertising tablecloth you want to personalize. For any additional information and to know the quote for this product, just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Download the files, send it to us. We prepare a model that we send to you. Once accepted, we move on to the stage of realization. We deliver after the products to the address indicated within a period of less than 2 weeks in standard mode. (We also offer an express mode)

Polyester customized tablecloth


Tablecloth in printed polyester fabric 205 grs/m².
Four-color or pantone printing; with sublimation inks.
Sewn hem, flame retardant and machine washable at 30°.

Rectangular or round cut.

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