The Waterproof Outdoor Tablecloth: A Sustainable Communication Asset at

An Innovative and Effective Advertising Medium

In a context where originality and visual impact are crucial, opting for a custom waterproof outdoor tablecloth from is an essential advertising strategy. These tablecloths are not just simple table articles, but powerful and visible communication vectors, perfect for any company looking to enhance its presence at outdoor events such as fairs, markets, or corporate picnics.

Technical and Aesthetic Qualities

High-Quality Material

At, quality begins with the choice of materials. Our tablecloths are made from 165 gsm waterproof polyester, offering an effective barrier against the elements. This material is not only robust but also lightweight and easy to maintain, ensuring practical use in any weather condition.

High-Definition Four-Color Printing

Four-color printing turns a simple tablecloth into a vibrant and eye-catching marketing tool. This technique ensures that every detail of your logo or design is sharp and vivid, capturing the attention of your target audience with exceptional visual quality and accuracy.

Meticulous Finishing

The sewn hems do not just add durability to our tablecloths; they also enhance their aesthetic appearance. Each tablecloth reflects an attention to detail, crucial for businesses that want to project a neat and professional brand image.


Complete Customization

The maximum width of 150 cm offers total flexibility in customizing the size of the tablecloth, allowing for perfect adaptation to any space or table. This adaptability is essential for companies seeking maximum coverage at their outdoor events.

Why Choose

Expertise and Quality

With over 15 years of experience in professional printing, is the preferred partner for all your advertising print solutions. Our commitment to quality and our ability to meet our clients' specific needs make us a benchmark in the field.

Lasting Impact on Your Audience

By choosing an outdoor waterproof tablecloth from, you invest in a product that not only catches the eye but also serves as a constant reminder of your brand. Each use is a new opportunity to leave a lasting and positive impression.

Frequent Questions and Tips

Wondering how to maximize the impact of your customized tablecloths at events? Consider coordinating your tablecloths with other visual elements of your booth to create an immersive environment that reflects your brand's identity. Also, make sure to choose designs that clearly communicate your message to a broad audience, while being visually harmonious.

For any questions about customization, dimensions, or ordering options, our team of advisors is at your disposal to guide you and ensure that your final product exceeds your expectations.


Investing in a customized waterproof tablecloth at is a strategic decision for any company wanting to boost its visibility. Durable, aesthetically pleasing, and fully customizable, our tablecloths are designed to help you make a striking impression.

To discover our complete range and request a personalized quote, visit now. Turn every outdoor encounter into an advertising opportunity with, your expert in innovative printing solutions.

Nappe imperméable pour extérieur


Waterproof polyester fabrics 165 grs

Four-color printing

Sewn hem

width max. : 150cm

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