Personalized paper tablecloth and placemat: units and rolls

During trade shows, a personalized tablecloth is a perfect option for distributing free promotional products to prospects and subscribers. Custom tablecloths come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Additionally, you can choose a color scheme and pattern to match your logo. A tablecloth is an easy to maintain communication medium while offering your business an elegant promotional element.

If you want a sustainable and inexpensive way to support your establishment during business shows, consider ordering a personalized tablecloth. By using these tablecloths you can improve your position in the market. They can help you increase your customer base and promote your brand image.

During the various festivals and events: weddings, baptisms, birthdays, trade shows, fairs, decorate your interior, especially your table with a splendid personalized tablecloth in paper. In addition to being decorative accessories, the personalized paper tablecloth and placemat provide effective protection for your table at each meal with your guests and each visit to prospects during an exhibition.

When to lay out a personalized paper tablecloth?

The personalized tablecloth in paper by the unit and rolls are very practical in any situation, you can use them during your trade shows to guarantee a better visibility in the eyes of your potential customers, so here, they are used as original advertising media. In addition, also display your personalized tablecloth and paper table set during your meals with your guests.

Promotional tablecloths aren't just one of the best promotional tools you can have. This is a sure way to increase your visibility and the impact of your business at the same time. However, the most important thing that you need to do is to get a good quality design with a beautiful design for your products. Visual marketing is one of the most influential methods today, which is able to target specific people and create brand loyalty. A personalized tablecloth can achieve this.

Good to know

Magicprint provides you with high-end personalized tablecloths and placemats in various sizes and colors (white, salmon, orange, red, burgundy, blue, pistachio, dark green, brown, black, gray). The printing of personalized paper tablecloths is done in 1 color and for the placemats the printing is from 1 to 3 colors.

Other types of tablecloths are also available on our site, such as: rectangular, square or round fabric, plastic or non-woven. The tablecloths are provided with an impeccable finish. Choose what suits you best and also ask for the quantity you want.

To design and print your personalized tablecloth, send us an email and our sales representatives will guide you towards choosing the most suitable advertising tablecloth for your request. For more information, give us a call or send us your message and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.



Paper tablecloth and placemats, 40grs / m2

Embossed paper (larger embossing for rolled tablecloths)

Printing in 1 color for tablecloths on white or colored paper.

1/2/3 color printing on placemats

Tablecloths: repetition of a visual of 35 cm max

Size of tablecloths and placemats:

- 80x80 cm / 100x100 cm / 120x120 cm

- 80x120 cm / 100x120 cm / 100x140 cm

- 40x120 cm (head to head table set)

- Rolls of 1x100 / 1x200 meters

- Rolls of 1.20x100 meters

- Rolls of 1x10 / 1x25 / 1x50 meters

Colors of tablecloths and place mats: White, Salmon, Orange, Red, Bordeaux, Blue, Pistachio, Dark green, Brown, Black, Gray.

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