Use personalized non-woven tablecloths with printing for better decoration and effective advertising

Be unique and make the eyes of those who contemplate your pretty personalized custom tablecloths shine. According to those who have already tested it, your visibility is 100% guaranteed with this tablecloth. Its use makes it easier to capture the attention of your prospects on the products you want to highlight. You can choose the format: round or rectangular and even in a roll.

There are several advantages of personalized tablecloths. First of all, tablecloths can be accompanied by napkins, which gives them a more personal touch and it also shows great promise for commercial purposes. When the textile is personalized with your logo or the name of your company, you make your guests to give your table a second look. In addition, a personalized tablecloth remains excellent for visual communication. It helps you attract the attention of visitors, guests ... If the tablecloth is well made, people will not only discover your table cloth but they will also remember your name.

Visual communication is important in marketing. Personalized tablecloths to cover your tables help to distribute advertising messages.

Then, one of the benefits of using custom tablecloths for table linens is to optimize sales. The main reason behind this is that these are the easiest ways to attract visitors to your trade show booth.

Its durability allows your business to advertise for a long time with the same design. In your restaurant, you can match the napkin to the color palette, these tablecloths will be a good idea to wow customers.

Then personalized tablecloths for table can be given as a gift for your family, friends, coworkers, customers, suppliers. For businesses, this is a good idea to promote your brand image.

Custom, non-woven table fabrics are very useful in brightening up trade shows, wedding and reception venues and enticing more customers.

Nothing is safer than calling on Magicprint

To make your personalized tablecloths, Magicprint is the only one with expertise in the design of your very original and better quality advertising medium. Designed from high-end polyester material with a weight of 70 to 160 grs / m², tablecloths of different widths and lengths are available on our platform. You can choose between printing in 1 or 2 colors, or full color. In addition, it is brought to your attention that our Company manufactures these tablecloths in two distinct ways, on the one hand, either with four-color sublimation printing, and on the other hand, or with heliographic printing.

Also know that you can request the amount of tablecloth you want. Our prices are decreasing.

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From now on, all tablecloth orders are made by email. Very easy to operate, just visit our website. In it, you will find all the products that suit you, and on the left side of your screen, click on the advertising tablecloths, then press the personalized tablecloth. Then send us your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Non-woven tablecloth


Custom tablecloth in non-woven polyester 70 to 160 grs / m2, Rolls of width 80 to 160 cm, and length 20, 40 or 50 meters.

Printing in 1 or 2 colors, or four-color process.

Repetition of a visual all along the rollers.

2 different fabrications:

- Sublimation printing, from 50 meters, in four-color process, over a period of 2 weeks.

- Printing in heliography, from 2500 meters, in 1 or 2 colors, over a period of 4 weeks.

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