Stretch/Lycra Tablecloth for Bar Table: A Personalized Innovation to Enhance Your Events

A Decorative Element with Many Facets

Imagine walking into a corporate event or private function, the first thing that catches your eye is the details. Among them, the personalized stretch/lycra tablecloths for high tables easily stand out. Made to measure in very resistant 180 g stretch polyester, they are much more than a simple piece of fabric. They represent the identity of your event, highlight your space and enhance the atmosphere.

Full Four-Color Printing: Freedom and Creativity

One of the main advantages of these personalized stretch/lycra tablecloths for high tables is the possibility of full four-color printing. What does that mean ? You have complete freedom to personalize your tablecloth with vivid, detailed images, logos or messages. Four-color process allows you to obtain a richness of nuances and precision that make all the difference.

A Quality Fabric: Stretch Polyester 180 grs

The material of these tablecloths is another strong point. The very resistant 180 g polyester offers a stretch texture that adapts perfectly to your high bar tables. Not only is the fabric sturdy, but it also stretches to conform to the shape of the table, eliminating wrinkles and unevenness that could distract the eye. The result ? A smooth, clean and professional look.

Stitched Hem and Flame Retardant Finish: A Guarantee of Safety

Safety and aesthetics go hand in hand with these tablecloths. The edges feature a stitched hem, adding a clean finish and increasing the durability of the product. In addition, the fabric is flame retardant. This feature is particularly important in events where candles or electrical equipment are present. So not only will your event look chic, but it will also provide additional security.

Universal Dimensions for Maximum Adaptability

Intended for standard size tables with a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 109 cm, these personalized tablecloths adapt to most needs. Whether for a trade fair, a wedding, or a corporate event, they ensure an impeccable presentation. Their universal format allows for simpler planning and rapid implementation, significant advantages in the organization of events.

An Option That Completes Your Purchase: Standing Tables

That's not all, for those looking for a complete solution, these high tables are also available for purchase, with a price on quote. This allows you to have perfect harmony between tables and tablecloths, thus ensuring visual continuity and an improved user experience.

Guaranteed Longevity: A Sustainable Investment

The robust appearance of the 180 g polyester ensures great longevity for these tablecloths. They are reusable for multiple occasions, making them a wise long-term investment. Gone are the days when you constantly had to repurchase disposable or lower quality tablecloths for each new event.

An Effective Branding Tool

Ultimately, a personalized tablecloth becomes a visual communication tool. It is a blank canvas on which businesses can print their logo, slogan or any other branding element. It can serve as a focal point at a trade show, attracting visitors to your booth. It can also add a personal touch to a private event, reflecting the chosen theme or style.

Adaptability to Various Environments

One of the most overlooked aspects of event planning is how different elements fit together. The versatility of the personalized stretch/lycra tablecloth makes it ideal for a wide variety of environments. Whether it's an outdoor event, a banquet hall or a conference space, its ability to adapt ensures a harmonious presence.

Aesthetics and Functionality in Perfect Harmony

The true beauty of these personalized stretch/lycra tablecloths for high tables lies in their ability to combine aesthetics and functionality. They don't just look good; they also solve several logistical problems that event organizers often encounter. Whether in terms of dimensions, customization or security, they cover all fronts brilliantly.


As more and more companies and event organizers look for solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics and personalization, the personalized stretch/lycra tablecloth for high tables is emerging as an option of choice. From quality material to four-color customization, including secure finishes and additional purchasing options, it offers unrivaled flexibility and quality.

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Stretch/Lycra tablecloth for standing dining

AT-Nappe mange debout

Custom made personalized tablecloth.

Full four-color printing

Very resistant stretch polyester 180 grs

Stitched hem

Fire retardant

For standard size table: diameter 80 cm and height 109 cm

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