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A customizable tablecloth is always an attractive feature to grab on hand. It is often hard to find the perfect design but don't worry, outdoor tablecloths come in a variety of designs, colors and prints. When it comes to picnic tablecloths, there are different options to choose from.

If you're serious about gaining attention, the most important thing to consider first is high definition printing. The printing method gives fabrics a much more attractive look and feel. In general, these fabrics are lighter in weight, which makes them perfect for outdoor use in the summer. Then, the quality of the fabric. You need to take a good look at whether the fabric is durable and washable in nature or not as it will hurt your wallet if you buy tablecloths which deteriorate easily.

There is no typical time for effective advertising, but take every opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition. With that, surprise everyone on your outings with this personalized logo picnic tablecloth. Square or rectangular tablecloth. Very easy to take and very practical, washable, the customizable tablecloth is the best way to highlight your brand image where your prospects least expect you. These tablecloths can be washed with a sponge.

The reasons why you should choose a customizable tablecloth

A picnic tablecloth is the ultimate promotional gift for your business. Its power in communication is among the greatest. No other low-end advertising medium can give your business the reach of a customizable tablecloth. This tablecloth will be displayed for your full social network. They are the perfect conversation piece and can help solidify your brands, promote your products and make them etched in the memory of your shoppers.

A picnic tablecloth is a unique advertising tool because it allows your business to be noticed in the crowd. You can display yourself in a simple yet elegant way while still producing a very effective promotional gift for your business. You can create a personalized tablecloth with your logo and / or your name.

Here's how it works with a customizable tablecloth.

First, when guests walk into your restaurant, local or arrive at your booth, they will first see your decoration with a personalized tablecloth. This will turn into a familiar sight and motivate their desire to come see you again. The personalized tablecloth will serve as an advertisement for your company and can be accompanied by promotional napkins with your designs and logos printed. Your guests will be greeted and fed by your tablecloth. The tablecloth will not only be your business ambassador, it adds a bit of spice and color throughout the day.

Second, a personalized tablecloth is a functional promotional gift for your business. It can be offered during events like trade shows, sales meetings, conventions. By opting for this strategy, you will be able to win over customers.

Finally, you will increase your brand exposure without spending a lot of your money. A personalized tablecloth makes your business profitable since the lower the cost, the more customers you gain.

Entrust Magicprint with the design of your personalized logo picnic tablecloth

Caring for your interests, Magicprint is the appropriate designer in the realization of your customizable tablecloth. We offer you a personalized picnic tablecloth with a better quality visual in fleece, very tenacious since the back part is impermeable against moisture. Printing and sewing these tablecloths has been our profession for many years. Using sublimation inks, the custom logo tablecloth is designed with four color (photo) or pantone print. It's up to you to choose the size and quantity that suits you because all this is possible on estimate.

Look no further, place your order

You will not be disappointed with the customizable tablecloth made by our team. Don't worry, order your own personalized logo tablecloth now. Nothing could be simpler to buy, visit the site, and leave us a message in order to know the quote on your order. We will answer you with pleasure, in a very short time. All your wishes come true with our printing company.

Waterproof Picnic Tablecloths


Polar fleece tablecloth 200 gr / m2
Waterproof back, front and back stitched.
Sublimation inks.
Four-color printing or pantone printing.
2 standard sizes: 100 x 150 cm – 120 x 150 cm
Any size possible: on estimate

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