Ensure your visibility with the modular trade show stand during the various professional events in which you participate

With the number of competitors there can be at the various business events you attend, it's easy to be completely invisible to prospects and customers. Indeed, without the adequate communication media that guarantee a quality visual, you will be drowned in the mass. So ensure your visibility and stand out from your competitors with a modular exhibition stand. More effective than a simple banner, this visual support will give your exhibition space a look that is both captivating and professional.

The "Agi Luxor Curved Led" model is a quality communication tool that allows you to effectively present to your target audiences the brand image of your company, products and services, etc. Among the advantages of this stand, you can personalize it as you wish by printing a large photo, branded in the colors of your logo in wide high definition format… or why not both?

All our modular stand models guarantee you optimal results that are even beyond your expectations.

Take advantage of a modular stand for high-end trade fair 100% customizable on

Supported by a team highly qualified in the field of creation and sale of advertising media, our site is ready to provide you with quality stands and products according to strict standards that correctly meet your requirements.

The design of this stand or communication medium is made from a quality fabric, personalized according to the needs of the stand to perfect its visual aspect. This modular stand for the AGI LUXOR CURVE LED trade fair that we offer is like a picture wall. It completely covers its curved foldable structure down to the ground. The fabric is perfectly stretched so that the graphics are highlighted. When it comes to the size of the modular stand, you have two choices in relation to its height. The width of the modular stand is customizable according to the needs of your exhibition space.

Need a custom-made, high-quality modular trade fair booth? We are attentive to your every need by offering you this unparalleled model designed with backlight stretch polyester fabric of 230 grs / m2 density, and equipped with high definition printing processed using specific techniques. The additional advantage of this modular stand is its reusable nature.

This modular trade show stand can only be printed on the front side. But, this in no way affects its real qualities. This modular stand model remains an excellent high-end communication medium that will honorably present your company's brand images on your exhibition stand.

Order your modular trade fair stand now and benefit from a better delivery service

Whether you want to promote a product, a service, or your company to the public, this modular exhibition stand is your best asset for successful communication during your exhibitions at a trade fair.

So place your order on our sales platform without further delay. Go to the catalog of our online store and choose the modular exhibition stand that meets your expectations among the many models offered. Then send us your graphic files so that our specialists can adjust them for printing and design a mockup. This mockup will be presented to you once finalized. If it suits you, you still have to validate it and we start printing the graphics on the fabric of the modular trade show stand.

We make sure that the stand is delivered to you as soon as possible at the address of your choice, anywhere in Europe. For this, in order to satisfy you, we have chosen to account for the delivery time from the moment you grant us your authorization to print. This period is then 6 to 7 days.

Stand out with a quality XXL visual at professional events

Promotional shows, conferences, and all kinds of professional events are the favorite places of our modular trade show booth. Thanks to this advertising umbrella stand, you will have in a few minutes a quality visual background and a stand with exhibition space arranged in a remarkable way. Literally remarkable because you have a textile visual in an extra large High Definition print format. The printed fabric is perfectly maintained by a stable structure with the help of silicone bands which are sewn all around. This combination makes the modular stand a communication medium with a sleek design that will be a real eye-catcher.

To enhance everything, the visual can be highlighted with LED lights. The structure is perfectly suited to receive this type of lighting, which certainly brings a plus to the visual. You therefore have an option if you wish 2 LED lamps.

Among other things, the choice of the size of the stand is a predominant advantage that can be of benefit to you. Indeed, we realize different sizes of modular stand for trade shows according to your needs. You have two choices of height: 2.25 m and 3 m; as for its width, you have free choice: from 1.50 m to 3.75 m. This model is suitable for any type of space (outdoors to convey a commercial message, entrance decoration, locally, ...).

Benefit from a lightweight, easy-to-assemble, and practical advertising medium

It is often necessary that you move with the modular stand during the various professional events in which you participate. This will not be a big problem, because the modular trade fair stands that we design have been adapted for this kind of situation. This modular stand has a light structure that is easy to assemble. The whole thing is assembled by a pop-up type system that clips easily. You would save as much time as possible during the exhibition, because the modular trade fair booth only requires a few minutes to set up. For its transport, a wheeled bag is provided for the latter.

The modular stand for the AGI LUXOR COURBE LED trade fair is a very complete communication kit! It is the perfect solution for your exhibitions. So why wait?

Luxury stand POP UP - AGI- LUXOR - Curve - LED

IA - Stand -AGI-LUXOR Courbe-LED

Umbrella or pop-up stand, printed on a polyester fabric.

The fabric is polyester backlight stretch 230 grs / m2; washable and fireproof.

Silicone bands are sewn around the display to insert them into the slots in the frame.

The structure is light and durable. The fabric is perfectly stretched and puts the graphics in value.

The LED system highlights the graphics.

Possibility of recto print.

A version exists in law.

The advantages of this stand:

• The pop-up system is locked with clips.

• The fabric is fixed with a silicone ribbon

• The construction is light and stable

• Excellent print quality

• Visual enhancement with LED light

Optional :

- Transport bag with wheels

- 2 halogen lamps

The set includes: complete system, printed fabric and transport.

Two stand height: 2.25 and 3 meters

Widths: from 1.50 to 3.75 meters

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