Be armed to the teeth in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

Reinforce your protection with the Magic-print office and school protection screen.As everyday life gradually resumes its normal course, make sure from time to time never to lower your guard against Covid-19 disease. With that, strengthen your safety as well as the safety of your office workers as well as your children who go to school by installing a protection screen on each table or on each workstation at the office and school. This protection tool serves as a shield to protect people on either side of the screen from the projected emissions of a person suffering from Coronavirus.

Work freely with Magic-print

For your protection, you have nothing to fear because we are here to lend you a hand. Indeed, we provide you with a better quality office and school protection screen at a lower cost. Users can freely work on their desks without worrying about the droplets of saliva in the air. However, it is essential to keep the cleanliness of your office and school screen. As you deserve top quality equipment, our protective screen is equipped with a very solid fixing preventing it from moving on the table surface.


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Protective screen suitable for single or double desks for pupils, students and office workers.

Limits the possibility of germs spread between students in class or employees in the open space of the office.

10 sizes available that fit securely to almost any office.

60 x 45 cm, 60 x 55 cm

70 x 45 cm, 70 x 55 cm

80 x 45 cm, 80 x 55 cm

90 x 45 cm, 90 x 55 cm

100 x 45 cm, 100 x 55 cm


Base in 10mm hard PVC with L-shaped feet, easy to mount in the office with self-adhesive Velcro strips.

0.7 mm PET screen mounted on the base with velcro strips which considerably simplifies the assembly and disassembly of the cover.

Safety and comfort:
Fixing the base of the system to the work desk prevents it from moving on the desk surface.

In case of contact with the screen - the cover will come off, which will prevent damage and ensure the safety of students.

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