Let's protect ourselves!

As neither the vaccine nor a specific treatment against the Coronavirus exists to date, prevention remains the best way to fight this deadly pandemic. For people who are not affected by being in containment, so those who are still working, are exposed daily to this danger. It is therefore essential to protect them by installing a separation panel which prevents saliva emissions as well as viral transmissions during the reception period of people arriving from outside.


The advantages with a separation panel

The use of a separation panel is very effective in stopping the virus from spreading widely. For banks and pharmacies, it is an easy to do and a very practical prevention tool sheltering your employees in the face of this devastating pandemic. The installation of a separation panel does not require much and adapts to any type of office. We are fighting against a formidable virus invisible to the naked eye and which can pass through certain tissues, so the choice of a separation panel is a very good idea since it is impossible for the virus to gain access through a window made of plastic. However, do not forget to wash the screen of the separation panel daily.


The different types of separation panels from Magic-print

Magic-print provides you with various kinds of separation panels in order to take precedence over your safety. So make your choice between a Frame - protective screen,a plexiglass protective screen,a suspended screen, a MAN - EVA - transparent Stand and modular stands. As a bonus, protective visors and protective masks are also available from Magic-print.


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Plexiglass protective screen


Protective plexiglass (acrylic) screen

2 stabilizing feet are required per plexiglass

Personalization possible with stickers

Window cutting possible

Thickness: 3mm

Three sizes: 75x65 cm / 100x75 cm / 100x100 cm

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