Taking things into your own hands

As you want your professional activity to resume its normal course even in this period of health crisis linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, discover the Modular Standsat Magic-print, strong protective tools to avoid direct contact between several people especially in confined spaces such as offices.


Why should we use these modular stands?

Many companies have had to stop training due to the current spread of Covid-19, which is causing exorbitant losses in revenue. Thus, it is essential to find an immediate and effective solution to turn the business around on the one hand and protect the employees on the other. Therefore, installing modular stands turns out to be a brilliant idea, here are the reasons:


- They individualize each of the employees so that they are able to work in their own corner to prevent the spray of saliva as well as the transmissions of the virus.

- They are impenetrable to the virus to pass through.

- They are easy to assemble.

- They don't take up too much space.

- They can be moved freely from one place to another.

In short, these modular Stands are very suitable devices in this fight against an invisible enemy.


Where to order these modular stands?

Concerned about your health and your satisfaction, Magic-print is the expert recommended for you, in the design of modular stands. Indeed, we provide you modular stands in aluminum with transparent plastic, printable in four colors, of various shapes and sizes, and very suitable for your premises. So don't hesitate to place your order now.

Modular stands

IA - Stands modulables

Aluminum stand with transparent plastic, printable in four colors.

Protects employees against postillions and transmissions of work-related viruses in front of an outside audience.

The stands are delivered as a kit, to be assembled yourself.

The stand is constructed using aluminum pipes with a transparent PVC sheet.

Strong magnets in the tubes allow you to connect the frames and arrange them to your liking.

Then possible to order instead of transparent plastic; a fabric (printed on the front or front / back) and transform your stand into a POS or stand background to promote your products.

Available in 7 sizes: 40x200 cm / 40x240 cm / 80x100 cm / 80x240 cm / 100x200 cm / 100x240 cm

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