Foldable advertising stand, the best communication medium for public spaces

Do you own a business, a business, or are you in charge of an institution? In these times of the international coronavirus pandemic, the redefinition of public spaces to comply with health standards is mandatory. The MAN EVA TRANSPARENT foldable advertising stand is a stand totally suitable for the places most frequented by a large number of people on a daily basis such as exhibitions, indoor trade shows, offices.

The foldable advertising stand is an ultra-practical upright communication medium that is normally used at various business events, or near a commercial counter. But, with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the transparent foldable advertising stand has added a new function, that of anti-virus protection counter. The foldable advertising stand has an aluminum structure and instead of a fabric, the stand is made of PVC. The PVC wall has a completely sealed surface which effectively prevents the virus from passing through. But at the same time, you can personalize it by engraving representative images of your business, company, institution, your products and services, or even send a message.

The foldable advertising stand can act as a separator between two desks in an "open space", on a counter, at the foot, or even between several counters for example.

This stand protects effectively thanks to its format which fully covers one person with a height of 2.30m for 1.20m of width.

This stand is one of our best advertising communication tools and one of the perfect sanitary protection systems. It has been designed to meet all your needs and bring you optimal results.

The foldable advertising stand, a practical communication and health protection support

The foldable advertising stand is as convenient to use as standard foldable advertising stands. Its PVC support makes it possible to secure exchanges by serving as a protective barrier while maintaining visual contact. The assembly and disassembly of the foldable advertising stand is easy. Once the structure is mounted, the PVC wall is stretched appropriately all around to form a protective barrier, and above all, to serve as a support for your various graphics. Assembly does not require any tool. As a foldable advertising stand the MAN EVA TRANSPARENT model only needs a few minutes to set up. This foldable advertising stand has an aluminum structure, a quality material known for its lightness and strength. This kind of metal is easier to transport than an iron or stainless steel frame. But still, when you are no longer using the foldable advertising stand, you can store it worry-free in the carrying bag that comes with it to make it even easier to move around. Once dismantled, the collapsible advertising stand takes up very little space.
We chose a transparent poster on the wall in order to facilitate and make possible the visual exchanges. In general, the supports which serve as protective barriers in public spaces must allow light to penetrate. Of course, if the foldable advertising stand had an opaque support, communication between people would be difficult and this would distort, among other things, its main functionality. The transparency of the poster is therefore essential for effective protection and communication.
The foldable advertising stand, an easy-to-maintain stand

To be effective as a virus protection tool, the collapsible advertising booth needs regular maintenance. Repeated cleaning would consecutively reduce the risk of spread. This is why the MAN EVA TRANSPARENT model has been designed for easy maintenance. We chose the PVC counter on purpose so that cleaning with non-corrosive detergents could be possible. You will not have to worry about damaging your foldable advertising stand, or degrading its impression after several washes.

Note that you can reuse the foldable advertising stand as many times before it shows signs of scratches (wear). It is a solid piece of equipment, ideal for fighting viruses effectively.

The foldable advertising stand, a 100% customizable stand

As a specialist in the design and sale of communication media, our company makes sure to offer you high-end items that meet your expectations. We follow strict specifications from the receipt of your order until the items are returned to hand.

Whatever type of foldable advertising stand you want to have, we are able to create it for you. Please note that our foldable advertising stand is 100% customizable. You can add any graphic you want on the counter. Whether for a promotional or informative message, the foldable advertising stand will be your best ally at all times.

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Whatever your field, if you manage a public space, the foldable advertising stand is an essential stand for communication but also for the protection of your visitors.

So you can place your foldable advertising stand order today by emailing us. Find the stand model in the catalog. Select the options and set the characteristics according to your preferences. Then, tell us your choice by email. If you have graphics to print, be sure to send us the corresponding files so that we can adjust them for printing needs. Once you validate the prototypes we have created, we move on to the printing stage. In general, the delivery time is counted from the moment you give us your permission to print. We make sure that your package is delivered to you as soon as possible, i.e. 6 to 7 days after your approval of the proof.

MAN stand - EVA - Transparent

IA - Stand MAN-EVA-transparent

Stand with aluminum structure, and transparent PVC poster.

Construction in aluminum tubes with a diameter of 32 mm.

Tool-free assembly

PVC can be printed or not.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: 1.20 meters

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