Umbrella stand AGI LUXOR DROIT LED, a communication medium dedicated to professionals

When you participate in promotional shows, conferences, and any other event that needs visual communication supports, stand out from your competition and attract attention thanks to the Umbrella Show Stand. Indeed, the first glances of visitors count a lot since they are the ones who make the first impressions, whether good or bad, and allow you to stand out from the crowd. With this advertising exhibition umbrella stand, you will benefit from a quality communication tool with an extra large removable visual with a design that promises. This type of stand structure is one of the most popular on the market to date. The umbrella stand is the ally of companies who want to boost their turnover and showcase their brand images.

Your various graphics such as logos, iconic company colors, products, messages and more can be printed on the advertising show umbrella stand as you wish.

The advertising trade show umbrella stand guarantees you quality feedback in record time. You might even be surprised.

Enjoy a high quality umbrella stand with

With the experience gained in the design and sale of communication media, we are able to offer you high quality products that meet your needs. We have a dynamic team, ready to listen to you and advise you throughout the necessary steps, for the successful completion of your projects.

The AGI LUXOR DROIT LED umbrella stand is made of a resistant fabric that can be printed and personalized according to your needs. The visual quality is doubly assured by an indisputable know-how and an unparalleled support which rises like a huge image wall once installed. Just like the curved stand model, the fabric of the advertising trade show umbrella stand covers its structure down to the ground. The design of the stand structure is perfectly respected since the fabric is stretched correctly by the structure, guaranteeing stability and enhancing the visual.

Are you looking for a trade fair umbrella stand that meets your requirements? We bring you this unmistakable model of stand structure that surpasses anything you've seen so far. With a density of 230 grs / m2, qualified as high-end, the polyester stand fabric is washing-friendly and flame retardant.

The advertising trade show umbrella stand can only be printed on the front side, but this does not negatively affect the characteristics of the stand to be an effective visual structure.

Umbrella stand advertising trade show, an ultra efficient communication medium

The use of an advertising trade show umbrella stand is of great benefit to the various players who participate in trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and any other point of sale. Once equipped with your graphics, this visual communication medium can create a magnetizing effect, and make passers-by to take an interest in your business or institution's exhibition space from the first contact. These are also the magic moments with Magic-print products! In terms of efficiency, the advertising trade show umbrella stand is incomparable compared to other types of visual aids. We've designed it to suit the needs of those who want a larger surface area to showcase their business branding. Indeed, the larger your stand, the more visitors will have better visibility. And it's even better if the graphics on the stand fabric are presented correctly and designed with the right techniques. The umbrella stand has a large format visual and four-color sublimation printing.

One of the aspects of a beautiful booth is the level of lighting. To top it off, you have the option of equipping the umbrella stand with LED lighting. Obviously, the structure is suitable for this. Here we can guarantee that your booth will be even more visually appealing, and be sure that a mass of crowds will be there.

Umbrella stand, light, practical and handy visual support

Your professional activities often require you to move with an exhibition stand, but it is always a problem when it is not very convenient to set up, take down, or transport? The umbrella trade fair stand is a suitable solution that can save your money. With an ultra-light aluminum structure, this stand model has an umbrella or pop-up system. A system that allows the stand structure to be assembled and disassembled by folding and unfolding only. The whole system e

st locked using clips. You won't have to waste a lot of time setting up the stand since it is simple and easy.

The trade fair umbrella stand is a durable material that can travel as many times as you want. In addition, a wheeled bag is provided for this purpose in order to facilitate its transport.

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Whatever your motivation for buying a trade show umbrella stand, know that we are your best choice.

Place your booth order on our site by emailing us today. To do so, please choose the appropriate stand model that matches your needs, in pvc or fabric, foldable structure or portable structure. Note that you have many customizable choices in relation to the dimensions of the product. Two choices of heights: 2.25 m and 3 m; and for its width, you have free choice, from 1.50 m to 3.75 m. Send us your various graphic files so that we can process them and adapt them to the needs of your order. After that, all you have to do is validate among our proposals and we go to printing. Our delivery service will get your stand to you as soon as possible with the best shipping conditions.

Luxury stand POP UP - AGI - LUXOR - Straight - LED

IA - Stand -AGI-LUXOR-Droit-LED

Umbrella or pop-up stand, printed on a polyester fabric.

The fabric is polyester backlight stretch 230 grs / m2; washable and fireproof.

Silicone bands are sewn around the display to insert them into the slots in the frame.

The structure is light and durable. The fabric is perfectly stretched and puts the graphics in value.

The LED system highlights the graphics.

Possibility of recto print.

A version exists in curved form.

The advantages of this stand:

• The pop-up system is locked with clips.

• The fabric is fixed with a silicone ribbon

• The construction is light and stable

• Excellent print quality

• Visual enhancement with LED light

Optional :

- Transport bag with wheels

- 2 halogen lamps

The set includes: complete system, printed fabric and transport bag.

Two stand height: 2.25 and 3 meters

Widths: from 1.50 to 3.75 meters

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