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Welcome to the sunny world of, where everyday life at the beach is transformed into a unique experience thanks to our Personalized Beach Screen. Let's dive into the exceptional features of this ingenious product, designed to combine style and functionality in every corner of the sand.

Sublimated Four-Color Printing: A Festival of Dazzling Colors

Express your creativity with our sublimated four-color printing. On top quality 160 grs/m2 polyester, your screen comes to life with vibrant colors and personalized patterns. Give your business dazzling visibility, with designs that catch the eye and leave an impression.

Natural Materials: An Authentic Touch to Your Space

Our wooden trunnions, 100 cm high and 16 to 20 mm in diameter, add a natural and authentic touch to your space. Imagine your logo or your corporate message integrating harmoniously with the surrounding nature, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ideal Size: Optimal Sun Protection Made Easy

With a printed fabric size of 96x75 cm, our screen offers optimal sun protection without sacrificing portability. Easy to transport and install, it becomes the ideal companion for your outdoor events, adding a layer of sophistication to your advertising presence.

Ingenious Finish: Quick and Effortless Installation

The left and right sheaths ensure easy insertion of the sleeves, ensuring quick and effortless installation. In the blink of an eye, create your personalized space at the beach, providing shade and privacy with a touch of distinctive style.

Practical Modularity: Flexibility Adapted to Your Needs

As standard, our screen is equipped with 5 sections, but personalized configurations are available upon quote. This flexibility allows you to adapt the screen to your specific needs, guaranteeing tailor-made advertising communication.

Why Choose Our Personalized Screen?

Personalized Protection: Transform your space into a personalized beach oasis, providing not only protection from the sun but also stylish privacy.

Creative Expression: Unleash your creativity by expressing your unique style with custom designs that stand out. Each screen becomes a work of art in its own right.

Practicality and Comfort: Protect yourself from the sun while enjoying an elegant design and easy installation. Our screen combines practicality and aesthetics for an optimal experience.

Limitless Personalization: Our screen is a blank canvas ready to welcome your most creative ideas. Let your imagination run wild, because there are no limits to customization.

Order Your Personalized Screen Today!


Whether for a day at the beach, an outdoor event or simply to add a special touch to your space, our personalized screen will accompany you in style. With, every moment becomes a personalized work of art. Transform your space into a canvas and let your business shine under the creative sun.

Visit now to request a personalized quote. Give your business exceptional visibility with our Personalized Beach Screen, and stand out from the competition with style and originality.

Beach screen


Beach screen with wooden spikes

Four-color sublimation printing on 160 grs/m2 polyester, 1 side.

Wooden pins 100 cm high and 16 to 20 mm in diameter

Size of printed fabric: 96x75 cm

Left and right sheath finish to insert the sleeves

As standard: screen with 5 sections (others on quote)

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