Boost the sale of your products via word of mouth

For the promotion of the sales of your new products, dare to stand out from the competition by opting for the street marketing technique. This allows you to make yourself known effectively to your potential consumers, since this process generates word of mouth around your brand image as well as your products. The windrop backpack flag is the perfect advertising tool for you.


Windrop backpack flag: Get admired

Surprise a passersby with your windrop backpack flag. In order to achieve this, target areas where the general public regularly meets or passes. As this accessory has an extremely light weight, the person wearing it has no difficulty moving from one place to another. Furthermore, it is much easier to spot the windrop backpack flag bearer in the crowd, which helps you identify yourself from your competition.


Where to get the windrop backpack flag?

Magic-print is the designer you need when it comes to the creation of your windrop backpack flag. We create nylon backpacks with a flag holder structure. For more comfort, the straps are adjustable and padded. In addition, our flag is made of polyester and printed on the entire surface. Better quality products at lower cost, Magic-print offers you a windrop backpack flag that meets your expectations.


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Flag backpack


Nylon backpack with flag holder structure. The straps are adjustable and padded for more comfort

All masts and rods are made of carbon composite and are delivered with the backpack.

Sail fasteners with metal eyelets

printing on polyester 115g, printing on the whole surface.

Sail size - Windrop model: 50 x 98 cm

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