For years, chocolate has been a treat that goes around every business. Either to receive customers, new partners or associates or to offer during parties or events. Lindt chocolate presented in a personalized round box is a great communication tool to attract more customers and retain them. Personalization can be done by full four-color printing or by hot stamping. This is a real bait to promote awareness and improve the image of your business! First, because there is a high probability that your customers will love chocolate, and second, because it is fun to get treats for nothing.

The personalized luxury round box with Lindt chocolate is filled with either:

- 25 Mini Excellence, Milk or Dark 70%

- 15 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%

- 60 Mini Milk Heart

- 12 Mini Rabbit

Usually combined with corporate and holiday gifts, Lindt canned chocolate can be given at exhibitions, fairs or other promotional events. Chocolate is a treat that more than half of the world loves. Note also that chocolate goes very well with coffee and even wine, white wine for milk chocolate and red wine for dark.
Use chocolate to start a conversation or start a business relationship!

Luxury Round Box - Personalized with Lindt Chocolates

Size: 10 X 3 X 13.2 cm

Material: carton 330 grs / m2

Personalization: Quadrichromy

Option: Glossy or soft touch lamination

Your choice of personalized box with Lindt chocolates inside:

- 25 Mini Excellence, Milk or Dark 70%, 200 Grs, Pack size: 70

- 15 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 250 Grs, Pack size: 100

- 60 Mini Heart Milk, 375 Grs, Packing: 24

- 12 Mini Rabbit, 195 Grs, Box: 90

delay: 3 to 4 weeks

ECOLOGICAL, RECYCLABLE packaging and manufactured WITHOUT PLASTICS, respectful of the environment.

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