Flag Printing Office Advertising Pole

Complete desktop set including horizontal flag, pole and base.
One size 1.5 x 1m polyester or satin flag.
Mast adjustable in height from 1.55 m to 3 m.
Round base 30 cm in diameter and 6 cm high

Two options for the composition of the flag:
- 100% polyester fabric of 115 g/m2. Use: outdoor and indoor.
- 130 g/m2 satin special for interior
Rectangular and horizontal flag.
Dimensions: 1.5 x 1 m (width x height).
Flag with strings on the left side to attach it to the pole (included).
In addition, the flag has the following characteristics:
- Sewn with double stitching.
- 10mm wide double hem.
- Symmetrical double stitching of 7 mm at 1.5 mm from the edges.
- Stitch width: 5 mm.

Made of aluminum.
Height: adjustable from 155 cm to 300 cm
Outer diameter: 3.5cm
Pommel in the shape of a ball, 8 cm in diameter.

Round base in silver chrome.
30 cm in diameter and 6 cm high.

Color and design
Flag: customizable colors and/or designs.
Mast color: silver metallic.
Accessories and base: metallic silver

Printing of the flag on one side with official inks and CMNJ colors using the "inkjet" sublimation process
The 100% polyester fabric of 115 g/m2 provides color transfer of approximately 89%.

Weight: about 3kg

Recommended use: indoors.
Easy to assemble (less than 3 minutes). Set for offices and interiors.
This set includes a flag of fixed dimensions. You can buy a personalized flag in the Horizontal flags section and the desk pole sold alone

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