Let your brand image travel with a tailor-made truck advertising tarpaulin

Nothing could be more astute than using atailor-made truck advertising tarpaulin to make yourself known in any place, and even outside the territory where you operate. Indeed, this type of advertising medium knows no (geographic) limit to popularize your image as well as the image of your products. Simply cover the trailer of your truck with this personalized tarpaulin and voila. Where this truck goes, people will immediately see your image. The message you want to get across reaches your target audiences perfectly with this made-to-measure truck tarp.

The advantages with the advertising tarpaulin for custom trucks from Magicprint

At first glance, the advertising tarpaulin for custom truck from Magic-print is a very eye-catching and fashionable advertising tool, capable of making you radiant compared to your competitors. Then, thanks to its much larger surface, the message printed on it is displayed in close-up, which will attract the attention of passers-by even from far away. Then it is not very economical to change the cover of your truck from time to time, is it? Suddenly, to avoid this, we manufacture a tarpaulin advertising for truck to measure of better quality with incomparable resistance. Finally, at Magic-print, the design of this personalized cover does not cost you a fortune.

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Truck cover


Special truck banners

These banners are laminated to protect the ink from uv rays, scratches and handling.

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