Mylar Ball


Mylar balloons made in Europe

1 color and four color printing


Available forms:

2D round 10, 23, 45 and 90 cm

Star 2D 10, 23, 45 and 90 cm

2D heart 10, 23, 45 and 90 cm

Round balls 18, 25, 40, 50, 61 and 80 cm

Cushion shape rectangles: 116x82 cm, 82x63 cm, 24x41 cm

Shirt shape: 33x33 cm

Square shape: 36x36 cm, 30x30 cm

Cloud shape: 60x30 cm

Mirror oval balloon: 35 cm in diameter

Pyramid shape: 45 cm

Cube shape: 40x40x40 cm

Mirror cube: 80x80x80 cm

Rugby ball shape: 75x27 cm

Frame shape: 48x48 cm, 70x70 cm, 30x30 cm

Number shape: 100 cm, 66 cm, 36 cm, 20 cm

Letters of the alphabet: 100 cm, 66 cm, 36 cm, 20 cm

Animal forms: dogs, cat, dinosaur, duck, pig, turtle, rooster, cow, deer, horse, frog, penguin, elephant, rabbit, ladybug, zebra, giraffe, kangaroo, sheep, bear, spider, unicorn, lama


Standard and glitter versions available.

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