Transparent reusable mask from Magic-print: Better protection with style

Protect yourself by always being connected with a reusable transparent mask from Magic-print. For you ladies, put an end to the masks that hide your splendid lipstick, and opt for wearing this new invention which protects you from the saliva droplets infected with Coronavirus. Likewise, for you gentlemen, look good while being safe with this reusable transparent mask. Among other things, this new mask is perfectly suited for professionals working in close relation with customers, such as bakers, bank staff, store tellers, receptionists, etc.


Reusable transparent masks: Very practical accessory

Very easy to put on, with an anti-fog effect and extremely light, the reusable transparent mask goes unnoticed on your face, it will not therefore bother you no matter how long you wear it. In addition, for your comfort, this transparent mask has two adjustable elastic bands. The mask screen is cleaned with a damp cloth, without using alcohol.


Place an order at Magic-print for your reusable transparent mask

Demand quality when choosing your reusable transparent mask. On that, to find what suits you, there is only one address and it is at Magic-print. We provide you with reusable transparent masks, from 10 units, very resistant and at affordable prices. You will surely not be disappointed. Now don't wait any longer and place your order online at

Reusable transparent mask

Very light reusable transparent mask with anti-fog treatment (the anti-fog effect is more and more active, following successive cleanings)

Set up very simple and fast

2 adjustable elastics for great comfort of use

Protective film to be removed

For shops, industry, boutique, catering, ....

PE material

This mask will replace the tissue mask and will continue to be used in many shops and offices.

From 10 units

Individual packaging

Clean with a damp cloth, without using alcohol.

Made in china

Delay: 3/4 days



Unit price Transport
10 3,80 € 24,00 €
50 2,80 € 24,00 €
100 2,60 € 24,00 €
250 2,40 € 34,00 €
500 2,30 € 44,00 €
1 000 2,20 € 54,00 €
2 500 2,10 € 64,00 €
5 000 1,90 € 75,00 €
10 000 1,80 € 110,00 €

Delay: 1 to 2 week depending on stock

Tissue masks:

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