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The objects around us in everyday life contain thousands of bacteria, or even all kinds of viruses. Unintentionally, we may touch these objects, especially those that are in public places, so our hands could be contaminated by these germs that may carry a disease. However, do not panic, Magic-print has a solution for you, discover the new hydro alcoholic disinfectant gel in individual sachets. Easy to take away and carry thanks to its light weight and it is very practical, the hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel in individual sachets from Magic-print is the product you need to quickly clean and disinfect your hands, thanks to its high alcoholic content.


The advantages with Hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel in individual sachets from Magic-print

Very economical, applying a single drop of hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel in an individual sachet is enough to make your hands clean. This handwashing liquid prevents viruses from spreading from one person to another since it kills them instantly. In addition, one of the advantages with this hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel in individual sachets from Magic-print, is the fact that after each use, you do not need to rinse your hands since the gel dries quickly leaving the skin soft and delicately scented.


Act now 

Faced with the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting us all at the moment, don't waste any more time and place your order for hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel in individual sachets on the website This product is currently sold without advertising printing and in boxes of 1000. For its conservation, it is best to keep the disinfectant gel in its original packaging and protect it from light, humidity, and temperature. Protect yourself and protect others with the hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel in individual sachets from Magic-print.

Disinfectant gel in individual sachet

Hydroalcoholic disinfectant gel in individual sachet. Handwash with high alcohol content for quick cleaning and disinfection of hands.

Size 4x7 cm

UNITS / CARTON: 1000 - Weight of a cardboard 2,365 kg

Currently: sold without advertising print. Per box of 1000

delay: 2/3 weeks


Pour the contents of the envelope into your hands and rub until the product has evaporated, leaving your hands dry.


Concentrated ready-to-use formula. It does not need to be rinsed. Leaves the skin soft and delicately scented. Fast drying.


Appearance: Green gel and viscous appearance.

Aroma: Aloe

pH: 8 +/- 1

Density (grs / ml): 0.95


Keep only in the original packaging and protect from light, humidity and temperature.


The information and recommendations on this product are based on studies carried out by the design office of our supplier. Because the conditions of use are beyond our control, we accept no responsibility for its incorrect use.

Ingredients; Alcohol, water, plyacrylic acid, triethanolamine, perfume, CI19140, CI42090,

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