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Contact between a healthy person and a virus-carrying person is the fastest way for the Coronavirus to spread widely. The most important thing to avoid this is to keep some distance from others. However, sometimes, some people break this rule especially in closed places such as offices, or in a pharmacy, or elsewhere. Therefore, instead of reminding visitors of the instructions periodically, it is essential to set up a transparent separation stand to ensure employee safety. Indeed, the latter is a very effective device to put a barrier between employees such as sellers of large areas for example and customers, some of whom have probably been exposed to contamination during this pandemic.


The purpose of the transparent separation stand

The Transparent Separation Stand is a prevention tool to prevent any virus from spreading from one subject to another. For you, as head of companies that welcome people from outside all the time, this transparent stand is the essential shield to protect your employees from virus transmissions and saliva spray.


Where to find this transparent separation stand?

No need to look elsewhere, Magic-print is at your service to help with the design of your transparent Stand. We make transparent protective stands of better quality with an aluminum structure and transparent PVC poster. So, contact us for your order.

MAN stand - EVA - Transparent

Stand with aluminum structure, and transparent PVC poster.

Construction in aluminum tubes with a diameter of 32 mm.

Tool-free assembly

PVC can be printed or not.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: 1.20 meters

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